A bit of "art" with Centurions.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zephil, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. I know art is a matter of opinion so I put it in quotation marks :p. Anyways, here's something that I fiddled around with after taking some pictures of myself doing some card springs. I thought I'd try and get you guys' oppinion on it. Here it is:


    Thanks, comments appreciated. Oh yeah, Evilchiwawa is a really old username of mine over on a different forum.. in case you were wondering ;).
  2. Thats awesome!
  3. damn. i need something like this as a cover for my Business studies folder.

  4. niiiice! one with the split spades would also rock ;)
  5. 'Bows down"
    Hottest thing ive seen since slice bread.
    I need to capture you and make you my photoshop genius lol.
    Props on it man, looks great.
  6. Thank you kindly :D.

    Sinful07 - Go ahead and print it for you folder if you want... I would be honored :p. PM me if you want a version without my name plastered all over it :>

    Quicho - sadly I don't have any split spades to take pictures of :(.
  7. It's pretty decent, Nice job :)
  8. I dig it bro..Very creative.... Thumbs up...
  9. pretty decent? r u kidding? this is gorgeous! i love it! how did you do it? it looks amazing!
  10. Thanks for the comments.

    @ chrystal baller:

    I took about 30 pictures of myself doing card springs as cleanly as possible, and used Photoshop to cut out and edit the best one. ;)
  11. Hey man, I love what you've done here, nice work :)

    From a purely artistic point of view though, the shade of blue on the pips feels a little weird, and that vein in your left hand looks a little strange... I'm not sure about this final comment but the dark edges of the hands (not the highlighting) feels a little too cut out and not integrated enough into the background?

    Having said all that, I'm really impressed and by my own admission am nitpicking - I certainly couldn't do anything even remotely in the ballpark, so well done :)
  12. I tend to be pretty harsh to art as I view it from an artist side only. After being a graphics designer for as many years as I have, yes this is pretty decent.
  13. Do you mind if i take this- and ask you to do a bit of editting? (e.g. the name obviously, quotes and adding in an eblem/logo?)

    only if its allright with you though- i really like this =]
  14. pretty awesome, i think.

    -Yoda, on your picture
  15. Personally, I would remove the oouter glow, or at least fiddle around to make it not so glaringly... there.

    In other words, simplify the picture.

    The lighting effects on your hands are ugly. You should have cropped out your hands and used a seperate lighting effect setting for your hands.

    Best regards,
  16. I like it heaps. Also, and I say this in a non-creepy way, you have nice hands.
  17. Thanks again for the comments :). Alright.. now for replies ;P

    I agree with you, Im definetally going to go over this again and make a version two. I completetely agree on the blue shade of the pips, it's ever so slightly awkward. About the hands cut out; I didn't time to feather it almost at all, so it's pretty much just the raw lasso tool cut out right now, definetally gonna fix that up some. You completely nailed the factors that need to be worked on the most.

    I agree to an extent on the hands lighting.. It's a little too bright right now imo, gonna darken it up a bit. Your opinion is appreciated. ;)
  18. sent you a lovely PM regarding the editting- im really fond of this.
  19. Oh Snap!!!

    That looks awesome!
  20. Awesomeness :cool:


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