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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by raven1, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. So I have not been around for a while. I got to talking to another magician this weekend and we traded pointers and likes and what not. Anyways that jarred my memory that I had not been to the forums in a really long time. So I came on and started browsing etc. It reminded me that one thing I hate is the lack of "new post since last visit" button. I run a few forums so this is something that I have been used to seeing for years and years.

    Anyways - have you have just wanted an easy way to see what post have been posted since your last visit??

    Simply Click here to see new post since your last visit

    Further you can make this a bookmark in your browser for easy access :)

    Also would be AWESOME if the staff put this simple link up top Like so -

    My Profile | Settings | Messages | New Post

    Hope you enjoy this little bit of Forum Magic - it is the only way that I can think to give back to this great site.
  2. I guess this was not helpful or useful for anyone?
  3. I found the "unread" posts link helpful, thanks for sharing :)
  4. Quite welcome :) I was hoping others would find it useful. Really helps me see what has happened since I last visited :)
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    I don't need anything new, because when I go to forum, I can see where is something new. There is some forum parts like Product Reviews or Product Questions that i am not reading and I don't need to know is there anything new. I don't need any new updates.
  6. Ok..............

  7. You know when you read something and you think...wait ...what? and read it again but you're still like wait...what?! Cos it seems like it should make sense but it doesn't? Mmm, yeah...I'm like that with most your posts Jebzy xD no offense.
  8. i could be wrong but i think i read a forum post where he said that he lives in a different country and englsih isnt his first language.
  9. It's in the signature of his post

    I thought that it would be found more useful than others apparently, but that's OK, not everyone will get it and find it useful - I decided to share anyways :)
  10. I am really sorry for my bad English, but I write how I can. In my country there is no magic forums, that's why I am here. Maybe, in this post there is mistakes too, but I think it is better than using Google translater. Sorry.
  11. No worries JB :)

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