A Brown Wynn, White Centurion, Should I Open Them?


I recently received some ultra rare decks from a contest of which I won, a real Jerry Nuggets, a Gold Arcane, a White Monarch, a White Centurions and a Brown Wynn. I'm really tempted to open the centurions and wynn. Although I know they are very rare and expensive, so as you can see I don't know what to do. Please help me out on what you think I should do and why.


Apr 25, 2009
Yorktown, VA
Well, the question is: what do you want to do with them? If you want to collect them, the answer is simply "no." If you don't collect cards at all, and have no use for them, try ebay. If you are a cardistry artist, looking to shoot the next hot video to blow minds away and make people crap their pants, go a head an open them; Smear them in bacon fat too, because I promise that some people with have a conniption. So, what do you want? Bragging rights? Money? A reaction that won't soon be forgotten?
Jan 8, 2010
Personally, I would open them. You got them for free so although you won't make maximum profit (if you ever sell them) you've not lost anything.
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