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  1. Hey everyone. Instead of going around showing magic to people one by one, I want to start busknig by getting crowds. I have a routine planned out. I just don't know what to use as a grande finale, because I want it to be highly visual and amazing. Any ideas will be appreciated.
  2. Rope through Neck or body effect.

    That always play good for a large crowd and as a finishing effect. You can referance it through your whole act...(Stay around and watch me pass solid chains (or ropes) through my body in front of you all.)

    You can have people tie you up as needed and then have them pull the ropes on the count of three.

  3. You might want to make sure busking is not illegal in your town
  4. My opinion for what it's worth:

    I have never busked.
    I have never successfully performed THREAD.


    I imagine THREAD, beginning with the Gypsy Thread ala W:H, would be a SWEET grand finale.
  5. Don't ask any questions about that on theory11. I'm serious, they really don't know anything about busking. Whereas on åpenguinmagic.com you can get advices from professional buskers.

    IMO you should end with a great cups and balls (If you have a table with you) with fruits at the end.
  6. IMO you can do whatever you want as a finale.

    You can pitch the finale to keep the crowd around you, and stay long enough to collect hat. the few times I did a busking show, I pitched a feat that involves a prize, and a contest of strength. If you think you can tie me down to this chair, using 100 feet of rope; And keep me from escaping, in the same amount of time that it takes you to tie me up. Pleas stay until the end of the show. I kept the pitch going in between different, effects and routines. At some point I revealed if they are successful in tieing me down, and preventing me from escape; the participants would each get 100 hundred dollars.

    Now I do not suggest you go to Penguinmagic forums, themagiccafe, theory11, or any other mainstream magic forum. I suggest you go to google and luck up "busker forum" "busker community" in the search bar. You will fain access to the best information out there in the way of busking.

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