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A call to arms at Ohio State

Oct 13, 2008
Hello colleagues:

I am a magician of two years and a student of over 6 years at The Ohio State University. Over the past quarter, I have found that these forums are an excellent way to make new friends. This is exactly how I met AlexYoung21. On the other hand, personal communication is good too, which led me to magicbrutus. As you probably are aware, both attend this institution, which makes me wonder whether there are others out there in this school, on these forums that share these common interests. If you know someone, or are such a person, please reply. I sure hope we can know one another better.

Sean Skyhawk
Sep 3, 2007
So, what is your question? Whether or not other people attend your school?

Edited: Hey I go there... Send me a friendly message!!!
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