A Change for Summer (The Summer Change)

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    Hey guys, I just wanted to give everyone the heads up that I've released a change that's been on my "session only" material list for the last couple years. If we've hung out at a convention, I've probably shown you this.

    What I haven't shown to many people are the applications I've created with the move. I've created a change, two card change, a vanish, and an ace production. Hopefully it's flashy enough for you to enjoy, and practical enough for you to perform.

    Thanks for your interest and support, here's the page:

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome, Austin. Love the effect, trailer is great, and I hope it does well :)

    One note for you though - in the description, where you reference my four ace effect, that's actually called Sinclair - not Fontaine. It uses the fontaine move, but Sinclair is not taught in my Fontaine download. Just wanted to clarify for those who haven't picked up fontaine yet.

    With that said though, I would highly recommend a tandem purchase of the Summer Change and Fontaine, they go excellently together, *cough*shamelessplug*cough*.
  3. Holy poop did I mess this up.

    Let's try this again!

    Thank you Zach and Octo for taking the time to correct these.
  4. That video really looks great to me... you just did a fabulous job out there..i really appreciate that..thanks for posting that...
  5. Wow! Thanks very much Laverne, I'm really happy you like it! You're very welcome, I hope it serves you well.

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