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  1. up, then back down, up again, then back down, card shuffling back and forth, this card over this card, and back under this card, did I just see him reverse some cards? was I supposed to see that? whoops, back up and down again, ok, they are all face down now, wait, weren't they face down to begin with? I mean, cuz I saw them face up when they were held low, but saw the backs when they were held up? wait, was it the other way around? Can't remember.

    These are the confused thoughts I had when I viewed your video...
  2. Yeah, I second the guy above me, that was way too confusing. Just looked like you were flipping bunches of cards over randomly, not magical at all. Not sure which bits I was meant to notice and which bits were accidental flashes.

    Patter might have helped, but not sure how you could explain all the excessive turning/handling of the cards.

    I own 'Drawing Room Deceptions' and assume you were doing some variation of Guy Hollingworth's 'Waving The Aces'.

    Even if you weren't though, you should watch this anyway... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbZA9I9U8M4

    That's how it should look...

    Keep practicing!


  3. When patter is involved, it is much better. It is an old video, sorry, didn't realize how confusing it was without words.
  4. No probs man, would love to see it with patter to make a comparison. If anything, at least it's a good lesson in how important patter can be.


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