A couple concepts and ideas

Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
hey guys just thought i would present a few idea's ive been playing with lately and get some feedback,

the first idea is an addition to Card to Mouth, one of my favorite effects. I have been playing with it for a couple months and it really seems to hit hard. If your like me the one things that is a little awkward is sometimes waiting for a person to look up at your mouth to see the card. There are many ways to deal with this ranging from taking a step back to giving a little point up or whatever but i took a little different route. I took a blank faced card and drew upon it a man with a card in his mouth, their card. Now much like a previous phase of my ACR i do a cut and reveal the top card like it was there's, they see their card in the drawing's mouth and thats the first hit, then i step back or point up, or most of the time they just look up instictively and BAM thats the second hit. Only difference to the original handling is your have to force the card and it gives it a double climax that hits deep. Thought i would share my idea, im also considering upping the game and designing the card more professionally on photoshop or illustrator and having it professionally produced.

The second concept is one i have been just playing around with for a few weeks. I was in Sculpture class and found some metal in part of the workshop. After exploring a little i worked it into a ring effect. In essence, its a Ring Shell. a half ring. By proper finger placement and misdirection it can look like a ring on one finger can be pulled through the finger onto another. By using my PK ring the shell can be ditched onto the real ring. Its kinda hard to explain so i will try and make a video soon.

A linking Silicone wristband effect (like livestrong) that i'm not gonna describe i just wanna see if someone else has something out like this or has played with the idea
Sep 2, 2007
Houston, TX
The silicone wristband makes me think of this:

Anyone seen the "I Love Boobies" bracelets?

What if, with a rub or wave, you changed it to "I Love Magic" and then after a snap, it instantly changes back?

That would be sweet!
Oct 25, 2008
I must say I liked the idea for the Card To Mouth-effect. It's a nice, different and fresh take on trick. I do agree with you that there is some kind of a awkard time before the spectator sees the card, but with your idea, you're making two climaxes out of it, which eliminates the awkardness. And I do believe that it will even look cooler if you're making a more professional-looking gimmicked card. With that said, even though I really liked the idea, I don't think that this is something I would use in my own magic, just because it doesn't fit me. But it is always nice to hear other peoples ideas and concepts, and I think this one was a good one.

If you can, why don't you put up a video of it?
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