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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jamesr, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    After making my first post on the forum in the Tabled Faro post I thought I would introduce myself properly.

    I'm a student in the UK and I have only been interested in magic (my focus is on card magic) for the past 6 months or so, but haven't been practicing seriously until now. I quite easily consider myself a beginner but am eager to advantage my skill level (in terms of performer ability, and sleight ability).

    I know a limited a few of which I have learnt from Theory 11, on the whole I have limited myself to "easy" tricks because that’s all I feel comfortable with.

    I have also purchased all of Jason England's videos and am attempting to become proficient at the sleights he teaches. I am focusing on the Bottom Deal, Palming, Gamblers Cop, Strike Second, False Shuffle and DPS at the moment.
    I was wondering if anyone could recommend some resources which might help me. The resources I currently have (book wise) are: The Expert At The Card Table, Expert Card Technique and At The Card Table by Darwin Ortiz (I am aware that the difficultly of these tricks is a little beyond me at the moment). I haven’t read any of these in their entirety from start to finish – something which I am currently working on.

    If anyone has any advice on resources or anything I might find useful, please let me know.

    P.S: Apologies for the long-winded and slightly detailed introduction.
  2. Hi James, welcome to the forums.

    You seem to have quite the handful already, and it seems you are more interested on the tabled, gambling aspect of card magic. But that's by no means a boundary, it's a whole world of application!

    I think one of the most recommended books for beginners is the Royal Road to Card Magic (referred to as RRTCM) by Hugard & Braue - it's a great resource and should be in everyone's bookshelf.

    I hesitate to suggest more material on the grounds that you already have so much knucklebustin' on your plate, so my hearty advice is to step up and keep practising the sleights you have.

    Determination is the road to success, as Jason England must have told you already, so I'll end by telling you that you should take breaks, don't solely focus on the sleights. Do other things, watch TV, go out, sit in the park, things ot take your mind off the cards. While doing so, have a deck in your hand, play around with it, try those sleights, but never truly concentrating.

    Soon enough, you'll be comfortable. That's what matters!

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