A DVD that's actually 'Worth It'...

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  1. My review for one of my favorite magic DVD's is posted on my new blog. This is one of the few magic DVD's that I feel is worth the price. Come check it out!


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  2. I love the "easy to master card miracle" dvds. :)
  3. Ya, and his "Easy to Master Money Miracles" dvds are good too.
  4. Michael Ammar's Easy To Master Card Miracles is a Classic Series & one he is of the best teachers around.
  5. Card Warp, Ambitious Card, Doc Daley's Last trick??

    All classics, all in one place, what a bargain!

    Ben Who?
  6. Gregory Wilson's In action Vol 1 is awesome

    All of it impromptu and all of it great-- and not that difficult
  7. ben earls set.... koysta's roadrunner cull if you have about 3 months to devote your life to only doing that, promise you that will save your life when out doing magic for real people.... Money by Jay Noblezada has a bunch of great tricks/extreme burn is a definite/panic is a sick trick as well/ richard osterlind mind mysteries 2 basically his stack which is awesome/ i also love joshua's jay stuff and style

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