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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Field, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Hello,
    I have recently had a few wonderful ideas for springs and spreads;
    I have worked out a few different things you can do with them that can produce very nice card magic. Here's the Spread ideas, and here's the Spring ideas.

    At some point soon I will make full performances of each individual effect with the ideas, but for now, enjoy.

    Tom Field.
  2. I love the century spread idea :D
    Good job, the spring cleaning one looks good, but it's not for me
  3. Ni-ice, I like them. A lot. I've done things like a spring catch before, but it always involves palming. Keep up the good work man.
  4. Cheers. Yeah, after seeing some people do some spring catches, I realised it was a simple matter just to grab it out, but it only had a 5-8/10 success rate for me to catch a specific card in the deck. So I had a think and that's what I got. As I say, at some point I'll show you guys all the effects I have thought of.

    Thanks for the feedback,

    Tom Field
  5. I love the century spread idea too, v.nice
  6. Loved both. a much better idea than different forms of sybil and whatnot.

    You gonna market this? =]
  7. Very cool, I enjoyed the century spread as well.
  8. Cheers, everyone.

    I would love to market both of these ideas, and all the applications I have for them, however my quandary is that I, a humble 14 year old with next to no status, would never be able to market this. I have no vehicle to market this with. So if anyone out there could give me a hand in getting a larger company to help me market this, then it would be highly appreciated. Because I don't have much experience in the marketing field, so, as I say, any help either taking me up on this to market as a company, or point me in a useful direction me help me very much. Because I'd love to be able to get my ideas out to the magic community, so any help at all, would be brilliant.

    Thanks again for the kind words,

    Tom Field

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