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  1. Hey Guys!
    These questions have been on my mind for the last couple of weeks, and I finally have time to write them down. So do me a favor and please answer the following:

    • I preform most at school, so I often find myself surrounded by people when I do magic. This diables me from doing stuff like the Marlo Tilt, which are included in my favorite rutines.
      How can I get around this?

    • I often create and come up with effects, but I have no idea on whether they are completely original, or whether they have already been created before.
      How can I check whether said effect is published, without revealing the method?

    • Can You please list a few moveless effects, that i can do without fear of someone catching me?

    I hope you guys can help, and if you have any questions for me, I will do my best to answer.

    See ya, Manu

    • School is one of the worst environments to perform in.
      You have to have absolute control over them and move them to where you want,or dont bring too much attention to yourself as to not draw a huge crowd.
  2. First off, Id like to thank you for answering.
    However, there are a few thing id like to point out.

    Not necessarily. If I wanted to make a video, of the effect, Id like to be able to credit it properly.
    And I'd like to know whether the trick I'm preforming is an original of mine, or if its an effect that has been thought up by another magician.

    Its not a fear, I do preform effect that leave you a bit dirty, or that are really angular. It would just be nice to have a few tricks that I can preform, without focusing on misdirection, and instead focusing on my presentation.

    Again, thanks for your comments.

  3. To find out if your effect is original try researching it on the web. Or show the effect to known magician or magic shop that might have an idea if it's original.
  4. Well honestly,ive always hated self working tricks.They are very few in numbers and dont interest me at all.Also,misdirection is part of the presentation. Besides,misdirection only last for a few seconds. Its not a whole act process. Hardly something to deviate you from concentrating on your presentation.
    So I cant say any self-working effects really.sorry.
  5. Your entire focus should be on your misdirection and audience control, and not the presentation.

    Your presentations should be well rehearsed and planned out in advance. There should be no questions in your mind as to what to say or when to say it. Your effect or routine should be scripted, and practiced until you know your lines by heart and can recite your patter word for word in your sleep.

    You seem to lack confidence, your own words indicate this is true. Dispite your arguements to the contrary. You are worried about getting caught on a marlo tilt while in the round, and you want to perform "moveless" magic to be "safe". I would say practice more and don't be afraid to take a chance. You need to build your confidence in yourself. Routine, and rehearse. I've done the marlo tilt in the round before without getting caught. Just hold the deck close to your body and the people behind you can't see a thing.

    As for original moves, chances are good if it's with cards it's already been invented. Cards offer very little in the way of original creativity. All that seems to be left to explore is diffrent handelings of someone elses ideas. To a further point unless you plan on publishing I'd not worry about checking for originality. It would be a moot point.
  6. Im sorry, but i think you misunderstood.
    Im not worried of people catching me doing the Marlo tilt. I don't want to only preform "safe" magic.
    I simply want a few "moveless" tricks to preform while I get positioned for the better ones.
    Also, your attitude about not even bothering to try to come up with new card tricks isn't that cool.
    it like saying "Why bother to come up with a new idea, Its probably been done before."
    This will get you nowhere.

    Im sorry if this comes off as offensive, Im not trying to.

    Thanks anyway.
  7. Ah well, thanks anyway.
  8. Hardly. It comes off as defensive.

    Let me clarify. I'm not saying to not bother coming up with new material. I'm just saying that realisticly invinting something completely new with cards is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Just about all card plots, premises, and moves there is has been pretty much discovered already. The only thing left is to improve upon or expand upon is existing slights.

    If you have something that isn't already out there in some form or another props man. You've probably got a gold mine in a box.

    All the best to you then.
  9. Ah ok, then I agree.
    But is there a way to find out whether the effect is original or not?

    Thanks again.
  10. I really dont understand why people couldn't just answer the poor guys questions....

    Magu Manu- check out invisible reverse by Chris Kenner, its an excellent trick in my opinion and uses no sleights, just a slight set up. Also any slop shuffle triumphs are incredibly light on any trickery.
  11. Magu if you want a strong self working effect, try "Out Of This World" by Paul Curry,it is an easy but strong effect to perform. Lots of room for presentation.
  12. Because people who actually care about him becoming a better magician give solid advice.
    Everyone else just suggests tricks to buy.
  13. It seems like everyone else already did a fair share of preaching, so here's a few practical answers for you. Hope this helps out and is what you were looking for.

    1. When I use the Tilt in crowded or surrounded situations, I essentially just tilt the deck up so the opening of the Tilt is angled towards my belt. This seems to mitigate a lot of the angle issues inherent with the move.

    I would also recommend looking into alternative sleights. In similar situations, the Bluff Pass seems to be ideal. Actually, I prefer the Bluff Pass over the Tilt in most performances because it has inherent misdirection. People's assumption of what's happening makes the move naturally invisible. In Street Magic, I distinctly remember Blaine performing the Bluff Pass at the worst possible angle on national television, and it still fooled the bejesus out of me even when I knew what was happening. The Bluff Pass is taught as a 1-on-1 here at T11.

    If you want to really play it safe, you can always load a card on top of the selection and execute a pass to bring it to the desired position in the deck. This is probably the safest way to get the same end result in an interactive, crowded and surrounded environment like school.

    2. There's a lot of knowledge and experience in these forums. If you're looking for proper credits in card magic, feel free to PM me and I'll look into the topic for you. I've 15 years of experience; 10 of which I performed professionally. I also have a pretty extensive library, and I would love to help you out. I can almost guarantee that anything you independently created can be dated back to Ed Marlo or Dai Vernon. It seems to be the case across the board-- even in newer DVD releases from the Bucks and Danny Garcia, etc. If I can't find a direct answer for you, I can redirect you to those who can.

    Denny (from Denny&Lee Magic Studio) has over 30 years of experience and he gets calls about magic trivia and history all the time. Check out his website at Denny Magic and browse what he has to offer. Give him a call and ask your question regarding credits for a particular effect, and not only will he answer you directly, he'll point you in the right direction to study similar material and lines of thinking. He's a great, resourceful guy.

    3. Lastly, I don't know why some people here seem to subtly associate "safe" magic with bad magic, but there are some (REALLY) hard hitting self-workers available in a variety of sources. In my opinion, if a self-worker can slay an audience harder than an effect which requires impressive and challenging sleights, you'd be foolish not to use it. I believe a lot of people are misguided into thinking that self-working card effects are as excruciatingly slow as the famous 21-Card Trick, which has no plot and requires excessive dealing. That's not the case at all. In fact, here's a few hard-hitting self-workers that involve very little to no set-up and are some of the most interactive and engaging pieces I personally do on a regular basis.

    • Dead Reckoning - John Bannon
    • Play it Straight - John Bannon
    • Untouched - Daryl
    • Extreme Mental Effort - Derren Brown
    • Devastation - Geoff Williams
    • 242 Deal - Richard Vollmer/Joshua Jay
    • Extraordinary Proof - Andrew Gerard
    • Ramjollock - Benjamin Earl
    • Overkill - Paul Harris

    Additionally, I've heard some rave reviews about Lennart Green's Green Lite DVD. It features the world-renowned performer explaining some of his best self-working material. After being fooled badly by some of its material, it's currently on my to-buy list. I can't comment on the video or instruction quality, but I can say some of the material's top-notch.

  14. Why do you assume that I'm not a good magician?

    Thank you.

    Ill check it out.

    Thanks, this is exactly what I has looking for.

    P.S. Any more advice (Specifically on questions 2 and 3) is still appreciated.
  15. Never said you werent.
    I said to help you become a better magician.
    and so what,so this is your peak? You dont want to grow to a better magician?
    Its evident from what your asking that your not at the level that you want to be so you want to strive to be better,right?
  16. Right.
    I hate people who assume thing without any proof.
    And I just got the impression from your posts that you thought I was a beginner starting out in magic.
    Obviously, I was wrong.
  17. Nah man. Only if someone tells me that they're a beginner,then ill treat them like one.
  18. Cool.
    Thanks everyone!

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