A few tips from a veteran when dealing with cards

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  1. 1. Clean hands
    Clean hands will not only allow you to keep your deck alive for much longer, but even the best trick can be ruined by having dirty hands or nails

    2.Card Cases
    When you Put your cards away, get used to the habit of ALWAYS putting them into the box in the same way...for me I always put the deck in with the back towards the back of the case, this allows me as a first "effect" to either show or hide the faces when I take them out.

    Get used to always cut the cards in the same fashion, if you cut the top with the right hand...then always do this, it will make it easier for you in the long run to learn other moves that follows the cut (ex: Erdnase false cuts/false shuffle)

    4.Palming cards and coins
    To learn palming the fast and dirty way, start bringing atleast 5 cards with you wherever you go. walking the dog,going to the store..etc etc. it might feel weird at first walking around putting groceries in your basket and talking to people while palming cards, but once it starts feeling natural then you have it.
    (for extra dexterity practice, try palming coins while you are shuffling/dealing cards as well)

    5.Spend your "dead-time" wisely
    while watching Tv-series, reading books...pretty much whenever you have one hand (or both) doing Nothing, start doing something. (one tip though, don`t do riffles if you are in class, it really annoys the teachers)

    6. Don`t be afraid to get caught out
    if you are doing a trick and someone says "I saw what you did" (or something similar)
    if you aren`t getting paid for the performance, then use this to your advantage and ASK them what they saw, compliment them for being observant as well...99% of the time they will tell you, and now you know what you need to work on for the next person to say "WOW" instead

    7.Strive for perfection, but don`t wait too long
    This goes hand in hand with nr.6, Practice your moves at home, but don`t wait 3 years to show that 30 second trick...Alot of what you need to a trick to become perfect actually comes from Performance Practice, not only at home infront of a mirror

    8. Remember your character development
    Alot of the time, Card artists/magicians spends so much time on sleights and perfecting tricks they forget about character development. Your Trick can be the best one out there, but with a dull personality you won`t get far.

    9.Have fun
    This one is probably the most important point.
  2. Good tips over all.

    I don't think it's necessary to palm non-stop. I think its more important to make sure that your palming technique is solid and then you need to make sure that the palm is conducive to the routine you are performing.

    Ed Marlo's misdirection palm is deceptive because the action of squaring the card is what provides the cover. The technique provides some built in naturalness.
  3. thank you, and I agree, don`t have to be non-stop, but until you get the hang of it...for me learning decent palming took about a week of walking around with my cards, learning how to shift from one technique to another, using angles while dealing with people, and picking up quickly from pockets and such...practicing palming by yourself or infront of a mirror gets you the technique, dealing with people while you do it helps you get over the fear of getting caught out....

    alot of magicians I`ve talked with over the years NEVER palms cards because they are afraid of the angles and/or doesn`t understand how to direct their audiences eyes (which is a skill in itself), and I feel it`s a shame because being even semi-proficient at it opens up a whole new world of effects one can do.

    edit: oh and thank you for mentioning Ed Marlo`s misdirection palm.
  4. I have a habit of shifting my debit card into a longitudinal or Tenkai palm every time I'm at the store. I also will "back palm" my phone, or wallet or anything else I can. Everything is a fidget toy to a magician.

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