A force in the form of dealing cards?

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  1. anybody know any forces that resembles one dealing cards one at a time?
    Im trying to come up with variations of LJCP.
    The force may resemble the performer dealing cards one by one
    or the spectator dealing the cards on to the table one by one.


  2. I think I know one force that involves the spectator dealing. Let me give you an example.

    I want you to choose any number between 1-10. The spectator says six. The force card is the top of your deck.

    Let's say the force card is the Jack of Spades. You deal six cards. Pick all six cards and put on top of the facedown deck with facedown cards. Tell the spectator to deal the same number and choose the sixth card, which is the Jack of Spades

    Hope this helps you.
  3. Have your force card on top, do second deals until the spectator calls stop, then deal the top card.

    Easy! (Well it's not, but the idea is simple!)


  4. Hi tkahng, second dealing probably is your best solution.. Check out Jason's second deal stuff here. http://www.theory11.com/1on1/#new/page:2/sort:release/video:109
  5. I like bottom deal. Keep dealing the card on top, when the spectator calls stop, deal the bottom card.
  6. There's one in Daniel Madison's PDFs... I think it's in 'One' but not sure
  7. Tenkai Dealing force
    Second deal
  8. the glide force is the easiest way.Glide the bottom card and start dealing from the bottom.
  9. You could use a Koran 5 Star Miracle Forcing Deck, which allows them to deal and stop at any point and the card is forced without sleight of hand.

    The only problem might be that there are 4 different possibilities with this deck...

    You could also use a svengali deck.
  10. Try The Impossible Force. Magician deals through the deck, spec says stop anywhere, can change their mind, and the dealt to card is the force card.
  11. Card 9th from top.

    Have them say any number 10-20. Count it off, then say (pretend number is 15) we'll add the digits. Add 1+5, you get six. Six cards from the top is your force card.

    This works from any number BETWEEN 9-20 (10 will work, 20 won't).

    Try it out, see how it works. Is quite a deceptive force.
  12. Could you elaborate? I'm a little confused. Or maybe just PM?

    Also, the Tenkai Stop Force (Ninja 2) would work very well here.

  13. How about having the bottom two cards turned over and then turning the deck over after you have deal it. Or you could use the one from Tom Baxter's Brr.
  14. I found one a while ago where you deal onto the table. Its REALLY easy. According to the book I got it from, its called the drop force.
  15. Ooh, damn, Tom Baxter is a freaking genius. I love the guy - and he's so humble.
  16. Mhm. One of the best card moves I know of. So simple, so bold, so practical. With a bit of thinking this can be applied to so much more than forces though; my favorite ACAAN utilizes this move.
  17. I don't know this before, it sounds pretty nice. Let me try this next time:D
  18. Barrie Richardson uses the first force a lot it is great because it is easy and disarming. The Baxter idea is so perfect I really really should have not metioned it but the move monkeys will hate it.
  19. Tenkai Dealing Force. As clean as it gets.

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