a good deck switch?

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  1. Where can I find a good deck switch?
  2. I know Roberto Giobbi published about that
  3. If you are less vague I may be able to help you...

    What is it for?
    Are you going to be drawing attention to it?
    Is it going to be during a cut?
    Will you be using misdirection?
    Are you sitting or standing?
    Do you want to end with the old deck in your lap?
    Do you want to end with the old deck in your palm?
    How are you going to retrieve the deck you're going to switch in?
    How are you going to ditch the old deck once it is in your lap or palm?
    What angles does it need to look good from?
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    ah, sorry I was so vague. I didn't know there were different switches for different situations. I seriously have no experience with deck switches, at all, so I didn't know what to expect.. I'd imagine that I'd be standing, and doing the switch during the offbeat, right after finishing a trick. I'd probably use some sort of misdirection, if they were watching my hands like a hawk.
  5. Well if you are standing to be honest it's pretty simple if you can misdirect them or use a cover for it. You could pretend you're done, put the cards in the box, put it in your pocket and then say "Oh, wait, I have another trick", and take out the prearranged deck from the same pocket (obviously the boxes should be the same). Anything along those lines would work.

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