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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ReubenGazertheAmazer, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. A complete eye opener for me today. I was at Pizza Pizza with some girls and a friend, Michael Kras if you know of him! There was a guy there, somebody we know, who generally asks for magic but isn't much impressed. I thought I had to absolutely stun him with something short, sweet, and jaw dropping. So I dropped all the collectors routines and ace assemblies out of my head as I watched his eyes meet the Queen of Hearts at the bottom of the deck I was riffling in my hands. I immediately asked him to think of a card and shuffled the cards thoroughly.

    Let's just say, I've never had the guts to pull of a psychological force, but it worked. He went bananas.

    For another friend, I had her select a card. It was the Three of Spades. I (on the spot creation of patter here) explained that everyone, from the day they were born, was assigned a card. And that at any time, said magician can summon this phenomenon upon the deck. I said it was her destiny to choose the Three of Spades. And after about 6 card forces later, she was rolling around screaming of laughter and amazement. But suddenly, I realized something; that wasn't possible! How could she have gotten that card? Because I always kept one card, fairly, inside my wallet. The three of spades.

    Just goes to show what the simplest effects, and great performances and acting can do for you.
  2. the routine is the most important thing in magic. almost more important than the slights themselves. if you have a good routine and patter, it can make anything magical and unforgettable.
    I have always watched other magicians work (at parties or pickinicks or where ever else i see them performing to lay people) and they always do these easy, basic tricks. But then i realized, these tricks are what make the people go WOW. the biddle trick. or remember a card forget a card, or acr, or card to mouth, or any easy trick like that. can KILL with the right performance and patter. I just reciently (this summer) started performing in a resturaunt. I dont to D&D magic or tnr or anything else like that. I stick with sponge balls, acr, biddle, and other simple hard hitting tricks like that. and with time, you come up with these amazing routines that just hit hard and pack small!.
    if you started performing for more laymen like at a resturaunt where you do the same tricks 20/30 times a night, you learn what tricks hit hard and what tricks dont.
    and you also learn how to present them so they do!

    so anyway. Congrats at finally learning that! its the most important thing. Hopefully you can take that "secret" and run with it!. i say secret because many new magicians just think about buying these new super visually pleasing tricks. then they work on the trick, get that down, and that is all. they dont understand that the orginals are the best workers! the most popular tricks are usually the most used tricks, and the most practical and pleasing to the spectator/participant.
    But yea its a big deal to learn that. because then your whole view is changed
  3. A very eye opening experience. You have to be extremely professional about it as well. I mean you can just play upon how visually amazing it is, but if you have great personality and performance (which I believe, I genuinly have a likeable personality and a very friendly, professional performance), combined with appropriate time lapses and proper revelations, all will be great. You don't know how many times I've just asked someone to think of absolutely any card they want. I ask them to merely name it. I just run through, make an odd face while culling the card to the top, and say it's extremely weird you thought of that one. Because I ALWAYS keep one card in my pocket (top palm)- and bam, reveal. They go absolutely nuts. It's also nice to know that there is a different between a noob and me performing that; style, personality, your general acting, and of course your palm and time lapse.
  4. Funny thing is, we rarely realize Pizza Pizza doesn't exist outside of Ontario....even though it's so common here...
  5. LOL well I was FIRST in Starbucks... is that outside of Ontario?
  6. Hey mate, sounds like an awesome experience! I bet it was satisfying beyond words to get those reactions. Remember that what makes a good magician is the ability to see things from the audiences point of view, and from reading your description that sounded very impressive. I think that to make the reactions even stronger, you could make them relate more by saying that "just like everyone is assigned a starsign (your horoscope) everyone is also assigned a card" This makes them able to relate to it more and it becomes even more personal. And the more personal the more interested they are, you create a suspension.
    Good job mate!
  7. Hey, you are the guy in Michael Kras's videos!

    Sounds cool! A lesson all of us magicians shouln't take lightly.
  8. I live in NYC and you can see a starbucks, from other starbucks, thats how many they are. and congrats on the great performance!
  9. LOL yes! I was there, at the Starbucks and Pizza Pizza too... only thing is, I didn't do any magic for the dude Reuben's talking about.

    I realized this afterwards... there's always some sort of running "joke" that Reuben and I must "MAGIC BATTLE NOW", so whenever we're in the same place doing magic at the same time, people randomly declare one of us winner... which is rather annoying. So the guy says "Sorry Mike, but this time, Reuben's got it". I spend the next 10 minutes racking my brain, trying to think of what I showed him... I realize I didn't show him anything!
  10. Lol! Yeah, I wish I had a magic friend my age.

    I just have some older magic friends who I hang out with occasionally. Which is alright, I just wish I had one that I could hang out with a lot.
  11. Pizza Pizza exits in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and in Manitoba...
  12. they expanded?
  13. I guess... I always thought it was an Ontario thing too, but I checked the Pizza Pizza website and it says they have stores in those 5 provinces... Obviously Ontario has the most stores though...
  14. You showed him something, I remember. He also watched you perform for Deanna.
  15. After he arrived, I didn't do any magic for him or Deanna. All I did was an impromptu "Sam" routine.

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