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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ShimaLucius, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone, I am Shima. New to this forums, looks a tat refreshing from the E forums. Glad to be part of this growing commmunity.

    Hopefully, I will learn stuff from you guys and gain more experience.

    First query of the day, anyone know where I can get the entrance theme to d+M disc 2?

    The one with the really beatful beats.

  2. Hey welcome! I am kind of new here too, and I can say is a wonderfull comunity, I hope you like it here....

    Have a nice day my friend!:D
  3. Hey shima, welcome to the forums! :D
    The lovely cameraman Mr. Dana Hocking produces all the music for t11 so that music is original. Its been discussed on the forums and we're all trying to get him to make a CD with all his beats. But, the CD is still unpublished. I'm sure a few people around here have ripped the track off the trailer, so wait around for someone to offer the track to you.
    Have a good time on the forums, we're relatively close knit community!
  4. check out Kastoacha in his myspace page: he has worked with d+M and Dan and Dave to create ambient music for the trilogy and the lethal dvd (plus some of the dangerous music)

    his downlaods are free, as long as you have a myspsce account. If not, notify me and ill try to send you the tracks.
  5. Hi! *Waves*
  6. Welcome to Theory 11.
  7. Welcome to the Hotel T11, please enjoy your stay :) For your comfort your room is kitted out with a minibar we like to call the 1-on-1 section and a functioning television set to watch all kinds of magic and flourishing related media.

    Please read the rules found on the back of your room door, and enjoy the selection of tricks on the menu, side-orders of decks are available on the insert.

    Your pillow has been fluffed and a complimentary mint awaits you.

    - Sean
  8. wlecome shima
  9. You're a dork. :p

  10. I need to say hello also. It's been quite some time since I've been on theory11 or even done any magic. How is everyone?
  11. You loved it, don't deny it. :D

    - Sean

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