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May 6, 2013
I am three shows short of a century after which I will officially step into full time professional arena. Market here in UAE is not as crowded but on the downside demand is not really that high either. As a PR student, one of my strategies for a larger reach would be doing a magic web series (Each episode will be about 6 minutes and sponsored).

1) Any advice on transitioning from semi pro to full time pro?
2) Any advice on what to avoid when filming a magic series?

Josh Burch

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Aug 11, 2011
The best advice I can give is to follow those who already make a living from it. Hopefully you are to the point where magic gets in the way of your "real" job to the point where you have to quit it.

My favorite resources that I have seen recently were some of the Murphy's lectures in order of helpfulness regarding the buisness of magic I would check out:
1. Rich Ferguson- He discusses what to charge, how to organize clients, how to adapt your shows and how to make performance contracts.
2. Kostya Kimlat- He talks about making money from magic and how to create a buisness. His advice concentrates on how magic can e related to a corporate venture.
3. Paul Draper- He talks about how to know when you are ready to go pro and the kind of magic that will work in all scenarios.

You can check out my reviews for the lectures here:
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