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  1. I just want to share with all of you THE MOST INCREDIBLE Trick Ive ever done... and it was a total coincidence. I was a Junior in High School and I was performing in class one day. My teacher didnt really care since we were all done with our studying and what not. I had ran out of trick to show some kids in the class and I set my cards down. As I was talking to one of the guys at the table another one said "If you are really magic. Tell me what card I have!" He then shuffled my deck and took out a random card. I was screwed. I didnt show on my face that I was frustrated or in any way bothered and I looked in to his eyes and said " The ten of hearts". The Look on that kids face was... PRICELESS. No Card trick I have EVER done in the school had gotten around the campus so fast in my entire magic LIFE! I actually moved that month to a different city and was never asked to show it again :)

    Thanks for reading,

    Justin Way
  2. That's pure magic ;) So glad you shared this with us. You should also read a thread by Praetoritevong (I spelled it right! Yay), in which he shares a similar story.
    On a side note though; you should mark all your cards with d+M's BLOOD marking system. :D You can do this miracle every day.
  3. This has happened to me a surprising amount of times actually. My favourite of these was once when I was performing at an 18th party, and it was quite noisy. They pulled a card out of the deck, and flashed it. I named it. They then snatched the deck off me and pulled one out that I couldn't see. I guessed the two of spades. Because it was quite busy (and possibly because they were expecting it), they misheard me to say 'jack of spades', which it was. To top it off, one of them says "Right, I'm thinking of a card. What is it?" I looked them right in the eye, and responded "It's the Ace of Spades." Brilliant.

    An amazing three phase card routine that happened completely by chance. That really was a fantastic show :p

    In reality though, it's not that hard to pull something like this off, when you do it enough (because when it fails, it's forgotten almost instantly, yet when it works, it's unforgettable). There are loads of places that suggest using this sort of thing, as it can lead to some fantastic effects. It really is something that's worth having a play around with sometime.
  4. Derren Brown talks about doing effects like this. Effects that can be forgotten if failed, and remembered forever if accomplished. He also discourages 'outs', as they seem as a back up plan, if the performer isn't confident.
  5. i had a very similar experience, except i played it off as a joke, its just my usual gag that i throw into pick-a-card tricks "don't pick thaat card, its a terrible card" but they do anyway i shrug and move on.

    one girl said 'why what card is it?" i named the six of clubs, i think...and i was right!!! never been able to match it.

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