A Magician´s Journal - Meeting With Dani Daortiz

Luis Vega

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Mar 19, 2008
Leon, Guanajuato Mexico
"Meeting With Dani Daortiz"
Journal Of Oct 7
By Luis Vega​

September 21

I was on my long trip here in Spain with my girl...and It´s great...totally a life changing trip, since I learned a lot about life on the other side of the planet...and architecture, people and food...somehow I regret I never traveled so far before...

"Hey..let´s go in here...is the place where I used to work..." says my girl
"Nice..let´s go..." I say...

We enter to a tea place...very famous in this city (Malaga) and it has a bohemian atmosphere...seems cool..

After some minutes just having a drink there...a friend of my girl gets near to give me some greetings..

"So glad to finally meet you!!...I heard you are a magician"
"yes!!....I love magic!!"
"Nice...so how about I give you a little present?...from a colleague.."
"oh..you are a magician also?"
"Yes...here...it´s the phone number of Dani Daortiz...you might want to give him a call...since he lives very near where you are located..."
"What?...you gotta be kidding me... this is so COOL!!!"
"Give him a call...I am sure he would be glad to meet you...he is a very nice person"

I take the phone and almost inmediately call him...while I am waiting for him to answer...I wonder if he won´t answer, since he must get calls all the time...and this is a unknown number...and what will I say to him...I dialed so fast I didn´t have time to think what I am going to say to him...

"Yes...this is Dani Daortiz?"
"Yes..who is this?"
"Uhmm...I am Luis Vega"
"Ok...anything else.."

suddenly I get to my senses...

"Ah!!...well I am a magician from mexico...I came here to spain for a vacation..and I was wondering if there is a way to have a coffee with you...or have a meeting"
"Ah!! of course buddy...where are you located?...I live in (town name)
"Oh...I am in (town name)..."
"it´s very near...listen...how about you come here on tuesday...I would be glad to meet you!!...also my group get together that day...and we can have a big jam with all my friends and you.."
"sure!! I´ll be there!!"
"It will be a blast!!...see you soon!!"

He gives me some direction on where to find him...and then I let the days pass...

Dani´s town..

"I have never been a "card magician"...I realize I did started with cards, but I moved to other things..but I am sure he can teach me some new ideas and concepts...also Dani has never been one of my idols in magic...but I do know who he is...and I won´t waste my chance to meet him" I think while going to his town..

My girlfriend and I arrive in time to meet with him...and I give him a call and he gives me more directions, since this town is like a maze...and while getting to the meeting suddenly I see him going out of a coffe place and waving at me..."oh my god...it´s him" I think while approaching...

"Greetings!!! I am Dani"
"Hello!! I am Luis Vega"
"Great...I was wondering if I was waving at the wrong people"

We sit and I realize he is a very nice guy...for some minutes we chat about what I am doing here, my kind of magic, and about him...he is so relaxed...

"Oh...I don´t have a deck of cards with me?" he says
"AH!! I have one!!"
"Nice...can I borrow it?"
"Of course"

Then..he proceed to show me the most amazing card magic I have ever seen in person...in fact he asks my girlfriend to think of a card...and then he asks me to deal cards and to stop whenever I want...and the I stop...and my girlfriend says the jack of hearts..and when I turn the last card dealt..is the jack of hearts...I am very amazed...like never before..

"This has been amazing..how about we go to my studio?...my friends are about to arrive"
"let´s do it!"

We walk for a block and then we arrive to a door in what appears to be a normal apartment..and then he opens it and we enter to his studio...I see a lot of books, lots of poster about magic, a studio and his magic store along with a very big close up table..

We hang out while I take a look to all his stuff..."I totally need a place like this" I say to myself... and then the door knocks...and some guys enter...

His friends are awesome!! they all salute me very nice and are so eager to see my magic..amazingly there a very pleased with my tricks...they say I am really good...and then they show me some amazing magic...a guy called Rogelio is definitely one of the best of the group as he helps me improve my coin routine and show me some nice moves to make some spoons appear magnetized...

This is a very cool jam!!...I am so entertained and happy to see these guys so eager to share their magic with me...and mine with them...

After an hour of intense magic, Dani show us some tricks and then he invite us to dinner...so nice!!

We go to a restaurant near the studio, that looks so nice..and we continue chatting about magic and other stuff...Dani is so funny...and he also likes to eat!!...the food is delicious and Dani and the group makes us feel like home...after the fine dinner...we have another session of magic, where he corrects some routines of mine and gives me great advice...while having some coffee and dessert...he teaches me about lapping and misdirection...he definitely takes me to new directions and concepts that I have never thought before...

After leaving the restaurant we go back to his studio and he asks us to stay a little longer to record a video for his blog...and he gives me some magic and signs some cards for me...we take some pictures...and then when we say goodbye I open the door and he says

"Ok..so...now I am going to teach you the best trick of my repertoire.."
I suddenly turn around and then he laughs...and I laugh too...as I said...Funny guy!!!

Mar 6, 2008
A Land Down Under
It's amazing how things like this happen.

Dani is my hands down my favourite card magician, everything he does actually feels like real magic even after you know how it's done.

His DVDs were definitely the highlight of 2011 for me and that is just based on the strenght of disc 3.


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Sep 14, 2008
Louisville, OH
Luis, that is insane luck my man. I'm glad you took full advantage of the opportunity at hand. Dani sounds very nice to meet with you, jam and do dinner. Great story bro.
Jun 1, 2009
Wow congrats! That's a great story, thanks for sharing! I've had the chance to meet some big name people (Aaron Fisher, Greg Wilson, Wayne Houchin) during some lectures, but I didn't get all the time I need (or probably just wanted haha) to be with them. Sounds like a great experience!
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