A Magician's Journal- Nov 22- "Words Of Wisdom"

Luis Vega

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Mar 19, 2008
Leon, Guanajuato Mexico
"Words Of Wisdom"
Journal of Nov 22
By Luis Vega

Friday Night
around 8:00
My House

The Festival Del Globo is one of the biggest events in my town...since it´s the Bicentenary celebration of the Independence of Mexico there will be around 200 ballons in the air today...awesome!!...also there´s lot of people, so I tomorrow will be a great day to perform in the Plaza Campestre and gets lots of tips!! today is Salsa night...so I´ll save energy for tomorrow!! besides I am supposed to go to the Festival on sunday with my friend Alex and Checo...

Saturday Night
Plaza Campestre

"Ok...there is a lot of people tonight...I feel so lucky I find a parking spot" I think while I check my repertoire...let´s see...

Silver Peso Oz: Check
Appearing Cane; Check
Dissapearing Glass and Water: check
Son Of A Thief Wallet: Check
Ballons: Check
Rubberbands: Check
Thumbtip: Check
Invisible Thread: Check
Deck of Cards.....deck of cards?....DECK OF CARDS!!!! OMG I FORGOT IT IN MY HOUSE!!

Although I do have enourmous material to perform without cards I still use it to say my opening line and perform Dissolution so I really need it...what to do?, what to do? I cannot go back to my house for it since my time is short and I don´t think I could find a spot again...

Phone ring in my house
"Hello Dad!! are you busy?"
"No, son...tell me is everything Ok?"
"yes...but, you see...I forgot my deck at home...I was wondering if maybe you could bring it to me, if you are not to busy?...please?"
"Mmmmm...and why can´t you come home for it?"
"because there is a lot of people here and that would take to much time..."
"mmm...Ok....I´ll drop by, just tell me where is it?"
"is at the side of my Lap top"
"Ok...see you in 15 min"
"Great dad!! you´re the best"
"I know..."

I decided to perform for some tables and try to open with a different line and approach...as I expected I get lots of tips and applauses...Great!! this night will rock!!

I try to decide which restaurant it´s next...since I am actually busking then I really can take my time and choice here...

"Don Fabian!!" I hear behind me
"Marco!! hello my friend how are you?!"
"Great!! so are you doing magic here?"
"Yes Marco!! practicing and practicing...and in the meantime getting some money"
"Awesome!! it´s so great you are working on your art"
"Well..it´s never ending...like any art...but gratifying!!"
"I know...so I´ll be in the Mural...in case you want to drop by and have a chat...if you are not to busy, I´ll introduce you to my friends"
"Awesome...maybe I´ll drop some minutes..today is a busy night"
"Of course...I understand!!"

I say bye for the moment...

Leon de Marco (Marco for the friends) is a very famous Flamenco guitarrist in my town and all the surroundings, he was my flamenco guitar teacher for some years while he was doing a name by himself...then he left the town for greener pastures and I stopped playing guitar....but I never forgot his words of wisdom since I learned more about the life than guitar with him...I admire him so much and I am honored to call him friend

I perform for some other tables and then I decide to go to El Mural to say hi to Marco...not before picking up my deck with my dad...

"Fabian!! So glad you could make it...here everyboyd!! I want you to met my friend Fabian...he is a great person and a good friend, he used to take classes with me and now he is also a magician...the best I have ever seen!!"
"Hello everybody!!"

I just sit there with the people...5 of them and start talking and performing my usual set..as I start doing some new magic and with every trick I can see how everyone is having a great time and when I proceed with the Mentalism, the laughs turn into silence...I am having a great time, but the most awesome part is looking at Marco´s face and I sense a great feeling of pride from him...

"I had no idea you improved this much in this time...I am so proud of you"
"Thanks you Marco...it´s means a lot to me.."
"So...maybe we could do something together...I have a really big show in december 20 and I would like to include you in my show...perhaps playing flamenco while you do those crazy moves..dunno...what do you think Maria?" he asks to his manager
"I think it would be a great idea!!"
"So..it´s done"
"Wow!! I would enourmously appreciate it"
"no...I appreciate you are helping me" he says
"Thanks....listen Marco...I wanted some words with you.."
"you know you can always talk to me about anything...so tell me"
"well I am having a hard time making a name by myself...I wonder if you could help me with some advice" at this moment I just want to hear his thoughts about this...I know he is the right person to advice me and tell me what I can do...
"Mmmmh...Ok...sit down...this will be long"

I forgot about the people and the tips....for the next 3 hours I listen to my Master talking to me...I am once again a student while he speaks to me about style, presentation, presence, marketing, hard people (hecklers), ignorance, philosophy, music, psychology, appeal and so many topics that tremendously enlighten me about the art of magic...he is not a magician, but he is an artist...an artist that was in the same road I am...fighting and making people believe in him...I couldn´t ask for a better night...

"So that´s what I can think about...I hope you can use this advice, it certainly helped me and it cost me lots of time to figure it out by myself...I pass to you in a quick and sweet way"
"Thanks you so much Marco...you have no idea how much you helped me"
"So...I guess I will be seeing you in the next days to check our show...I am so glad you pass by"
"Yes I am glad too!! so I´ll see you later"
"Right!! so start practicing...we have work to do"

I leave to my car....OMG is around 3:00 am...time goes fast when you are having fun...I have to go to sleep...tomorrow I will be going to the Festival with my friends...

Breakfast at my house
10:00 am

My phone rings...

"Hello Fabian!! good morning!! how are you" it´s my friend Alex
"Great!! having breakfast"
"Ok...so are you ready for today? aren´t you so excited? I bet you are"
"I am normally excited...why is the buzz about? it´s not a big deal...sure will have a great time, but why are you saying this?"
"So...I guess you havent heard about who is coming to the Festival...you are going to have a met with an old friend"
"I cannot guess who could be...either way, who could come to the Festival that I could care a lot about...unless it´s Diary Of Dreams or Breaking Benjamin"

To be concluded....
Jul 14, 2008
Great post! We can never defy the words of our masters. Keep it up with the journal posts and I am looking forward to read some more!


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Sep 14, 2008
Louisville, OH

Great Journal Entry as Always!

Some of the best advice I have ever gotten is when I have gone out to eat or for a few drinks with the seasoned professionals from our IBM ring. When they see that you are willing to put in the time and effort...and also share their passion, they are more inclined to help you along your journey.

I learned very quickly that I did not know everything and to just sit, and listen, and be humble. Thank them for their time. Even offer to pay for the bill if they have sat there for an extended amount of time and shared solid advice. Sounds like a great time meeting back up with your instructor. It is always exciting to show your mentors your progress.

Keep up the great work my man.
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