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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dayton76, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. I am curious to those of you that study mentalism and their techniques. Is there a way to peek a billet without touching it? Even if it is in the hands of a spectator? If so, can anyone direct me to a source, or you can send me a private message if you want.
  2. There's a way to do everything, you just have to come up with it!:p

    My advice is get switchcraft at imentalism.com and once the billet has been written on and folded, just gesture as if they are supposed to give it to you, as soon as you do, pass it straight back to them and say "no, I don't want to touch it"

    Of course, you've already switched and can now peek at your leisure.

    Alternatively for REALLY hands off peekage, look at Labco's Mindbuster electronic impression board, it's quite pricey, but it's a wicked tool!!!

  3. You could use an impression pad. Let them write whatever it is, tear off the sheet, fold it up, and hold onto it. You take back the pen/pencil and the pad. You now have the word/drawing...whatever.

    You could learn to pencil read.

    However, if you hold the billet for just a second to get the peek and then have them hold onto it, they will not remember it. Could just do what D. has already mentioned.
  4. Agreed. You could use the Universal Impression to accomplish this; it's a great device. :)
  5. I would say "no..." but people have invented obscure peeks that don't hit the mainstream.

    Actually... the answer is "yes." A peek like this appears in Richard Busch's "Peek Performances."

  6. Chicken, could you perhaps provide the name of that peek or a page number? Skimming the book I can't seem to find one that is completly hands off.

  7. Yea I also already own Peek Performances by Richard Busch, but I dont remember reading a hands off peek. Where in the book did you see it?
  8. Although it isn't a peek per se, I second BSmith's Universal Impression. The device is worth its weight in gold. It's one of the most direct, hands-off methods to gaining any information you want to reveal. I used to rely heavily on traditional peeks and tears, but since I adopted Universal Impression into my arsenal, I never really needed to resort to them anymore. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


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