A new 3 shell game ? Street version

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  1. Has anyone seen this version of the 3 pea game ? Its 4.00 minutes into this vlog.
    2 guys are on the streets playing 500$ a turn. Is this legit ?

  2. Nice find, thanks for sharing! The shell game is indeed played on the streets, oftentimes with bottlecaps or matchboxes instead of shells. I have no practical experience with this sort of scam, so I can't say whether this particular example is a "real" scam.
    If it was, then the buff black dude, who won the first round, is almost surely in on the scam (a shill). Every monte- or shell-game-mob will usually have several shills, disguising themselves as part of the crowd. You have those whose job it is to get targets (suckers) interested, those who win a few times to show that the game is winnable (the buff black dude mentioned earlier), those who block off the view of other potential suckers while one is betting (if there's a larger crowd) etc. Last but not least, in some mobs there are said to be those whose job it is to make sure - with whatever means necessary - a sucker doesn't leave with a large win in his pocket.
    Long story short: The vlogger was extremely smart when refusing to play.
    If you're interested in more details concerning the roles of the shills, check this out:

    Actually, I'm quite surprised these guys were allowed to film the scammers. For obvious reasons, most are not too keen on being filmed.

    If you're interested in this sort of thing, you should check out this thread on the Magic Café, where a shell-game operator answers some questions:

    Hope this helps you a bit.

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