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  1. Hi there,

    TMI here again, and today I have a problem of which I need your opinions. I have a channel on YouTube called TheMagicianInvisible. I don't particularly like the name, it was meant to be TheMagicianInvinsible. I have also made a reviewing channel named DeckReviewz, but I was thinking why did I make 2 channels when I could have a very popular 1 channel.

    So I'd like to have a channel, where I'll do magic, reviews, cardistry/flourishing and much more. Unfortunately I don't know what to call it, and the channel I already have (TheMagicianInvisible) has 153 subs and growing each day.

    So these are my questions . . .

    Should I make another channel with the best of both things?
    If yes what do you think I should call it?
    Do you think all of my subscribers will subscribe to the new channel?

    So, please reply, I really need help on what to do. As I'm stuck, please leave your opinions down below and why. I don't mind what you think I just really need to know.

    Thank you so much once again


    TMI :confused:
  2. Maybe keep your account with 153 subscribers and have everything on that. You will lose subs if you make a new account. If you really hate the name I guess you may as well make a new account and try and get as many of your current subscribers to subscribe to that channel but you will lose some. It's your choice.
  3. Guys please help, I don't know what to do
  4. I seem to remember some chich from England area having a similar problem a week ago.

    Here's what you do. Gather a group of your closest friends. Minimal 3 and have a production meeting to gather their unbiased opinion on a few things.

    1) Draw up a plan of what you want to do on your channel. What is the scope of the material your channel is going to cover. What types of videos you plan to host or produce. Then draw up benefits and draw backs to both hosting everything on one channel, and of course then again for hosting things on two.

    2) Do research on other internet channels who are producing material similar to what you want to do. Analize what they are doing that make them successful and what you would do differently to make it unique if it was your project. Understand what you can do to make your channel different from theirs. ...even if that just means doing it "Better".

    3) Create a marketing plan that discusses what you plan to do to get the word out on your channel. Discuss with your group all this detail and get their input on your ideas.

    Compile their replies and use it to formulate your own plan of attack. Execute. Once your channel is launched compile a group of people consisting of your target market base (magicians) and people who wouldn't normally watch your material (laymen) and get them to review your channel and watch a few videos. Get their feed back in form of survey and use that information to add finishing tweeks to your channel. REpete once a year to keep things fresh.

    Your welcome. My consulting fee's will be invoiced to your email box within the hour.
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    Turn off the computer, leave your bedroom and perform for real people.

    The number of subscribers you have on YouTube has no relationship to your skill as a magician. People only subscribe because they want tutorials or to win a deck of cards. Rather than spending money on decks for contests, spend it on some good books. Stop learning from Misfit866 or whatever his name is on YouTube. Delete the tutorials on your channel. Learn from real materials and don't expose what you learn.

    You have a good presence in your videos. You can be a strong performer. But worrying about YouTube subscribers will hold you back. Focus on your skills, not your popularity on YouTube. The folks here are willing to help you improve.

    The other problem with most YouTube videos is the focus is on the props. We see a shot of your hands and the cards. I understand the privacy concerns with kids having videos of themselves on YouTube (I have a 10 year old son). BUT, performing that way and watching performances like that hurts your ability to perform for real people. Magic is so much more than the trick.

    Just my opinion.

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