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    Hi guys! I came up with what I believe is an original card control . . . I don't really have a name for it so right now I'm just calling it Shift. It is not a pass, it does not mess with the order of the cards, the card sticking out of the deck really is the card that I showed a moment before, and the card can be signed. It's not the best video as I don't have a camera stand, but I want to know what you guys think! And please, if you don't think it's original, please tell me!
    http://www.vimeo.com/1459806 *this is the new video*
  2. Awesome

    It looks really awesome dude :) if its real...
  3. mm

    fooled me .. i like it .
    i'm trying to understand
  4. lol man this is really stupid... there are 2jokers in the deck... that's the secret .... stop posting this kind of things
  5. I'm sorry if you didn't like it . . . there ARE two jokers in the deck, but keep in mind I could've used ANY card. There are seriously no dupe cards. And like I said before, the card can be signed. I didn't want to do that, though as I only have two centurion decks. I hope you believe me . . . it's not really sleight of hand, as there's just one move. The angles aren't the best sometimes but I figured out to control them!
  6. If there are no dupes or gimmicks, you have a nice control there.
  7. Well, even though there are two 2 jokers in the deck, the bottom card was shown to be 7 of hearts before the shift.
  8. I'm making a better vid now that shows the bottom card before and after the shift. I should be done with it in about 30 minutes.
  9. I believe you, because i figured it out...
  10. Yup, its very very angle sensitive...
  11. Yes it is, but angles aren't an issue when I'm performing this . . . I always find a way to control them.
  12. It's a nice control but it still needs work. Also, I'm not too sure that the concept behind it is too original... but it might be.

    Oh well, excusing the angles, it's a perfectly wonderful control.
  13. Nice, this must be inspired by Danny Garcia (i think from his project DVD's).

    Simple.. and yet deceptive.

    but the angles could be a problem but since you say your in control then great. :D
  14. I honestly wasn't thinking about the Ego Slip . . . it's not very similar in method. Thanks for all the comments, guys!
  15. Hmmm....I think it is too much like Danny Garcia's Ego Slip. I mean, too much. But of it is a good control.
  16. Like I said, the method isn't close at all. It may look like it, but believe me it's not.
  17. idk man the first thing i thought of when i saw it was ego slip. it looks exactly like it accept the fact that you control the card to the bottom not top. IF it REALLY is not similar to ego slip then good job man.
  18. looks great
  19. Yes, the second video, I think it is the second one, looks like the ego slip from the angle. However, the first video you can see the difference and it definitely isn't ego. It's not even similar.

    Anyway, I'm not sure at all if it is that original at all. However, it is a pretty good idea.

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