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  1. Please don't take this the wrong way but to me the first 37 seconds seemed pointless. I mean it just seemed like it killed the second part of your trick. Nice idea but after showing someone you can control the card to the top which was what The first part did It made your double lifts seem really bad because that's where the audience will be looking for the card again. The way you caught breaks were just plain bad. Do wrist kill and just push the cards over to get the break or learn how to pinky count. My advice is to learn better slights and make the routine clearer. Look at other sandwich routines like the one sold here they are very clear and very direct for me yours wasn't.
  2. It seemed a bit sloppy on the DL and "get readies". What was the purpose of angling out the card at 0:27 and then at 0:32 you just sort of push the cards around on the mat with no purpose? I understand that we see the 10 of diamonds jump from the one ace pair to the other.

    Thank you for sharing and keep working on it.
  3. A couple of points, I'll start with the bad and end with the good.

    Your double lifts need work as Rick mentioned. Your card handling in general needs some work. Put time into your technique and the little things that go into making each move a "sleight". You always want sleights to be slight.

    Second, why? The best way to justify what the heck you're doing is to talk. There's a big craze going on with no speaking videos, and it needs to stop. Originality doesn't always exist in a new effect or technique, sometimes new patter and timing can take an effect to the next level.

    Finally, it's great to see you trying to create your own things. Keep a notebook of the ideas you create, it will help you keep your creativity down the line. However, my advice to you is to learn to walk before you enter a race. There's a lot of hype going around right now about being creative, and you're going to need to ignore it for now.
  4. i posted the wrong video! LOL but i didnt mean to that. i know that video is bad and it was uploaded it a long time ago and my card handling and my double lifts have improved alot here is another one that i created i accualy ment to post this one

    i realize that i wasnt completly on screen the whole time i am going to reupload the same trick when i find my frikin camera
  5. That's a good trick. A couple ideas to think about... It's a pretty quick effect if you think about it. Make it shorter in terms of the explanations. It doesn't have to be written out in brail. Handle the jokers the least that you can besides the end. Don't separate the pack, find a way not to. It's good stuff I just don't like the 'process' if you know what I mean.
  6. Looks nice, alot better than the first vid you posted. You can use some improvement on 0:54 and 0:59. Make it more smooth. Also I noticed that you happen to pause during your patter at those times. It is a problem that I am trying to get rid of as well.
  7. ya i see where your coming from. i really help not to have music but at the time i reallt didnt give it much thought. and the reason i was rubbing them around like that is because 1. im stupid and 2. to show i dont have anybreaks but i REALLy shouldnt do that
  8. Well, to be honest, I like both videos!! The first one because of the concept, even if the technique... Other people have mentioned that already :) The second one is much better, but there is too much explanation and I recommend you not to divide the deck in two because people will track which is the top packet and will have a clue... Hm. I would also recommend you to include a pop-out move. Anyway, I really enjoyed watching. Thumbs up!

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