A New Pass I Came Up With.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Loki, Apr 17, 2008.

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  2. Hard to say from performance, but that looks amazingly good Invisible Pass.
  3. Looks cool, I've not seen a pass like that before - sort of a "Drop Pass" if you will. Nice job.

  4. Damn, it's good from the bird's eye view, but what about other angles?
  5. i really like it, looks really good from the above view, wouldnt mind seeing some other views, i like the idea of a 'drop pass'

    seems more fair to a laymen...

    and the fact it was with one hand was really nice, good job, looks better than a classic IMO
  6. its too loose
    the only good angle is dead top which you wont get unless youre a midget
    im afraid its too impractical
  7. Cool but it seems kinda like a revers pass to me.....
  8. hmmm...

    cute bottom to top pass... hehe. :p
  9. This looks like a small variation on Peter Duffie's Shaded Hermann Pass.
  10. Thank you all for good feedback.
    I was thinking of "slam pass".
    It is pretty angel-proof.
    I will post new video soon, with different camera angle.
  11. Your pass makes you the Her-man


    Pass looks cool on video...from that angle. All you need to do is do your magic with people standing directly above you while you sit on the ground...and it will look gold.

    Jokes aside - the pass is a good idea in concept. Seems like you are using the Herman pass concept in action. If this is true...it also makes me assume that the angle you gave us is THE only angle that it can be done efficiently.

    ALL passes will flash - which is why they shouldn't be done under heat. However, this one may only look good from this angle...as the pass, even on camera has it's weaknesses. The packet seems to grow, also...I can just imagine how bad the flash is head on. This "new pass" seems to draw heat to the moment the pass is done....but ideas, similar to this, have been used on the off beat.

    This brings me to my next point - seperate from this pass, but related - why does everyone ask for feedback through Youtube? Close up magic is not meant for cameras - as the deception occurs through many other means than just visual elements - if you don't understand what I mean by that, you may want to skip this.

    Close up magic on video is the worst concept I have ever seen - it breaks the rule....never repeat an effect twice...as they can examine it over and over by play. Even when you do fool them, people don't care as they have seen better in special effects. The strenth of what we do in both practice and performance is LIVE performance.

    When you set up your cameras from the most desirable angle....and in the space (visual frame) you choose...how does that help your magic? It will never prepare you for real world performance. I understand the strengths of learning and sharing on video...but there are many weaknesses of taping sloppy magic and putting it over the internet.

    Anyhow - at least your pass didn't flash - from this angle - real world - not so sure. Thanks for sharing - however, I hope that our magic brings us together in real life and we can share in the way that was intended. Through a brotherhood.

  12. I look forward to the different angles - would love to see it from straight on and from YOUR left side.
  13. How is this method angle proof?
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    I clicked on your link - thinking you were asking abuot your own link...then wrote this:

    First, you could have not shown the MASSIVE gap in your break when doing your D****** F**** (I blanked out the letters to avoid exposure, unlike you when doing your version of Unshuffled)

    I love how you use a C***** S**** to locate the card, but not use it to F**** the card.

    Feel free to switch the ****ed words with swears - as you will probably get the same message.


    PS - good work on the F*** shuffle - minus using your body as a third hand. Learn proper technique...or publish your version using your gut as the third hand.

    Then realized it was actually a question about the "Slam Pass", but really still feel the same way so cheers.
  15. I hate to say this, but the I have seen this published before.
    Where you may ask? That's that part I hate.
    Supposedly Dan Army created it, it's in his "Trip" Notes.
    However, you do it very nicely.

    Calvin Lauber
  16. What was that Dan Army's pass called?
  17. I don't really see how this is original to be honest. I mean, I don't know if it's ever been published or anything, but I don't really see why it would be. I would assume almost every magician who has played around with the pass has experimented with the same concept you posted in the video.

    I myself would never use it, but if it works for you then by all means wear the crap out of it! :D
  18. Nicely said, there are too many sloppy "here's where I'm at in practicing this trick" and f-ups online, just so they can have a vid online. That kind of crap is for trusted friends, they, real actual breathing people, should be who you bounce this stuff off of, not the whole internet. And unlike the unblinking eye of a video, people you can misdirect or control through the routine.
  19. Thanks curtisk - the support is appreciated, and I am glad you feel the same. Hope we can jam sometime - fool em forever.

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