A nice THIN deck of cards?

May 17, 2011
So I'll get right into it.

A few weeks ago I got back into cards and what not (cardistry mainly) and so I've been discovering what's happend in the card world. I was really psyched when I saw D&D's Fulton's clip joint cards. I fell in love with the dessigne. However, I was quite disapointed watching reviews as many people were mentioning "Nice thick stock". To clarifie, I don't what cards to have thick stock. (which is not to say I won't ge tthe fulton's because I'm not so close minded to dismis a deck just like that)

Anyhow, the question here is pretty simple, what is a resonable deck of cards with thin stock(no one say absolut vodka....not resonable)?

P.S. I do own quite a few stingers and love them (You know....if anyone was intrested in my suggestion.)
May 17, 2011
Wow, right after reading your post I fetched a deck, and it true. I've only ever used bees for gambling moves but they do feel pretty good for flourishes. Thank you ery much for that tip, I really like handling bees and over the many years I have, I've never tryed flourishing with them.

Funny coincidence, fulton's clip joints are suposed to be cambric (lots of people say it isn't but it's still a funny coinsidense).

Anyway, thanks, great advice, the soft stock of bees does emulat a thin deck, although I would like to know about a deck with actual thin card so if anyone can think of one let me know.

thank you again Steve, great advice.
Have you tried 'Aviator' playing cards? They are made by the United States Playing Card Company just as Bicycle & Bee and I found this:

The Aviator brand was introduced in 1927 in commemoration of Charles Lindbergh's trans-Atlantic flight. The cards feature a bordered, monotone back design of predominantly circles. They are comparable in quality to Bee and Bicycle cards (although they have a smooth finish and a slightly thinner stock)

Worth a shot.

- Steve
Sep 3, 2011
Middle of nowhere NY
To me the finish on Aviators feels a little "stickier"-- that is, the cards don't fan or spread as well as Bikes, persay, but that means they tend to cut a little better. If you work the deck a little they can be quite bendy too. I'm not cardist though.

Good luck!
May 17, 2011
Yes, they are a very nice deck of cards. I love them, the only thing is that the linen finish wheres off fast, but it's not that big a problem.


Jul 25, 2012
I play many time deck cards with my bro… A thin deck of cards make good grip, and can be change fa quickly. I like to play with my thin deck of cards.
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