A one deck do as I do

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  1. Hi There,

    Here is a one deck version of the classic do as Ido that Ihave been using for some time.

    Hope ya like it.

    Have a bottom cutting breather 5th from the bottom of the deck.

    Introduce the premise of do as i do and then spread the cards out and remove one from the deck-say Jack of Diamonds and place this on top.

    Then apparently give the deck one straight cut to lose it but really execute a classic pass false cut.

    Hand the deck to spectator and ask him do exactly what you did.
    He spreads through the deck and takes out a card-say Ace of Spades, remembers it and then places it face down on top.

    Then he gives the deck one straight cut.

    Take back the deck and reinforce what has happened.
    Then cut away at the breather crimp and shuffle this right hand section onto the face of the left hand portion-Mahatma control Farrelli

    This will position your card at 5th and his card at 6th

    Begin a hand to hand spread and secretly cull the 5th card from the top-jd
    under the spread as you ask them to merely touch any card on impulse.

    When they do you switch this card for the jd using Simon Aronsons s.a. combination from SimplySimon which is a lovely finessed handling on the Hofzinzer spread force.

    Table the switched in card face down in front of the spectator.

    Hand the deck to spectator and have him start to spread the cards in front of you.

    When you sight the 5th card from top-their A Spades you touch that card and have it placed face down in front of you.

    Build up what has taken place and say to them that you chose the J diamonds.
    Get them to turn over the card in front of them and the Jack is revealed.

    Ask them to name their card and when they reply Ace of Spades slowly turn over the card in front of you and reveal this card.

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