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A professional street magician, busker- James Hessler

Jun 9, 2010

For those of you who never seen or heard of James Hessler, he is a great street performer who originally from Scotland and lives in Adelaide, Australia for two years now. He was inspired by Nick Nickolas and 'trained' by Gazzo. I am lucky enough to see his act around 3 months ago in Brisbane and was amazed by his wonderful skills and presentation and his ability to control such a large audience on the street. It sure took him a long time to master that and it is my pleasure to witness such a wonderful piece of magic on the street, in Brisbane.

Here is a picture of him with Paul Wilson and Ian Kendall- (James is the one on the left).

After seeing his show for a few times, I was fascinated and went up and had a chat with him. Through the conversations, I was able to know that he has his own online TV show, which talks about magic these days and his point of view about how the community is rolling these days. It is quite interesting and he also offers some great tutorials from his act on his online TV show. Here is the link of the TV show: Be sure to check out what’s inside and tell me what you guys think about it.

If you guys are interested in purchasing his book, make sure to check out this link: The book describes his street acts and some of his thoughts in his busking career in the past 6 years.

Also, here is his Youtube Channel: It would be great if you guys can subscribe to him and check out his busking time around the world, he is truly one of the best street performer I have ever seen.

Moreover, James can offer some of his own experiences and ideas on busking in the street and how to control the atmosphere out there. If you guys are interested, I will let him know and ask him to make some episodes on that. I am sure he will be more than happy to do that.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to let me know what you guys think about his work.
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