A Public Apology to all of WTF No Limits Customers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin-Miller, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. This is a public statement for the Company know as WTF No Limits located at www.closeupartists.com.

    I Justin Miller would like to take this time to apologize to all of WTF No Limits Customers current and future. I take full responsibility for all of my actions that were not conducive to No Limits ideals, and their consumer marketing. While a partner and part owner of WTF No Limits I jeopardized the integrity and character of No Limits by allowing the depression I went through, because of my divorce and my sons condition, to over take me and make really bad choices for myself and the company. Mike Geesey and Robert Smith depended on my sanity and my judgment and I failed both of them.

    I take full responsibility of harming the image of WTF No Limits.
    There is no excuse for what I allowed to happen to myself and the company but I felt it was important for all of you to understand why it happened. Many of you know that this is not the first time i have had problems with the magic community. I can guarantee you that I have never, ever, cheated any one on purpose or to just do it. That is just not me. And those of you who really really know me not just "know the image" companies have created around me, know that what I say is the truth. I lost my faith in God and everything I believed in when my ex-wife left me. Those who know me know I use to be a small group pastor so you know that I was genuine. sine my faith was damaged I began to lean on my own ways and my own actions, in that, I hurt my 2 very best friends Mike Geesey and Robert Smith (B. Smith). I never should have entered into the company when I did as creator and owner, I was not stable, nor was i ready. Please, please do not let what I did make you lose faith In what the magic world will see will become one of the most influential magic companies ever.
    Mike Geesey and B. Smith are 2 of the..no they are the most upstanding human beings I have ever had the chance of meeting and becoming friends with. So, you can with 100 percent confidence know that your money and consumerism with them is going to be of the highest order.

    As a side note. Many of you will be quick to judge me and make up your mind about me, or say something, I understand how easy it is to do that. And I know this because I see that in me as well. But its allot harder and more humbling to allow yourself to step as much as possible in someone else's shoes. I have been in your eye for over a decade, you have seen my life in good times and the dark times, my fans have always stood by my side and I thank you eternally for that and my detractors have used moments like this to fuel the fire. I am not going anywhere. And when I do decide to return you will see a better and whole Justin Miller than when I first started in the magic community. For now I am grieving the loss of everything I ever had, my family, my house, my car, my phone. I lost everything before I joined with Mike and B.Smith

    if I owe any of you anything (which I know there are a few of you from years ago) then please e-mail me at enduremiller@gmail.com and I will make arrangements with you to get it right.
    Sincerly and humbly,
    Justin Miller
  2. Hi Justin,

    Everyone makes mistakes, we as human beings should focus on the good of a person. The bad is only an abberation. Its great to hear from you. The first part of redemption is identifying the problem and turning away from it. You obviously have done that from what I can see. Just get yourself together and return to life. The acceptance of responsibility if now over. Sure there will be some backlash, but thats in every aspect of life.

    best wishes in the highest regards....
  3. well...Justin never did anything to me...I think it`s nice he came out and try to fix this...I know is going to be hard but it`s good he wants to do the right thing this time...
  4. this person is referring to when i publicly announced I was stepping away from magic because after praying and getting council from my church that is what my wife and myself decided for our family. Then 6 months later i came back..
    Let me explain.

    Magic was creating a tension between my relationship between my wife and my sons condition, top it off my son was in and out of the hospital for 3 years straight trying to find what was wrong with him...it became tiring to say the least and I was pulled in so many ways. So after almost losing him one day praying about it and seeking God in many ways we decided I needed to find a "real job" and stay home. i then sold all of my material and dvds at a super low price to raise money for the hospital bills After 3 months you guessed it the bills started to pile up and working as a manger at McDonalds was not cutting it, so out of necessity I came back to magic. During that time the majority of you welcomed me back with open arms..but a few of you decided to start a rumor i used my faith to gain sympathy when i quit so I could sell my wares and then all of a sudden there were 2 justin Miller dvds that came out and right after that I came back, so the rumors just started coming left and right that i used my faith in God to manipulate my sales..when in reality sir you could have not been more wrong.

    And the only reason i let everyone know that I was quitting was because I had a responsibility to the community to let you know why I was leaving.

    My son was dying daily, and my marriage was broken..thats why!

    then people like john lovick decided to slam me in the captured review and uses that same rumor to hurt me even more. Most of you could not stand in my shoes.
  5. Sorry to hear about your divorce Justin.
  6. And you've been reported for harassment. Quit antagonizing people. He's done the best thing he can do: Apologize. Leave him alone, and grow some respect for your fellow magicians.
  7. k honestly this all seems like BS to me. I'm sorry for your sick kid, I truly am, I've delt with a almost terminally ill kid before, it ain't fun. so don't take this as an insult towards your family, thats not what I'm trying to do.

    bottom line is you look like an idiot doing this. posting a public apology...in writing...on a forum...is never a good idea.

    william draven- harassment? really? lol now thats a joke. I'm sure Justin would even say I'm not "harassing" him
  8. @Creeper - To apologize to be forgiven is a sign of strength and respect.
  9. draven made the right move. your just plain disrespectful. you were a jerk to jason england, and now your being a jerk to justin. its not called for.
  10. You've attacked me before, you've attacked Jason England before, now Justin. I'm sick of your piss poor attitude little boy. You may think this is the internet, and it may be. But the people who are the subjects of your tirades are real humans, with real emotions. More importantly they also are in the same fraternity called "Magic" that you apparently are a member of. Otherwise you really do have no business here on this site. You should show a little more compassion for your fellow magicians.

    You seriously need an attitude adjustment. I'd recommend growing up, but I'm sure that will fall on deaf ears. You're a jerk with how you deal with other people here and that alone goes against T11 policy. Congratz, you're now a problem the mods get to deal with.
  11. I didn't know about any of this controversy covering Justin, I always respected him as a man who had a true appreciation and knowledge of our craft. Hearing him come and publicly apoligize about this has raised my respect of him greatly. It is always tough when your passion for something comes in between you and the ones you love, and this must have been terrible for Justin to leave behind something that he loved so much. Justin made mistakes. We all do. And insulting and ridiculing him about this is more insulting to yourself than it is to him. " Let he that has not sinned cast the first stone" Justin I'm glad to see that you are recovering from this, and keep seeking Christ.
  12. Thank you for your public apology Justin. I do hope that you take responsibility for your actions and really do pay EVERYONE back this time.

    I can understand where Creeper is coming from and perhaps he is a bit harsh but it is important to know that many people have heard you use these, and other reasons, for your actions yet never received their money/product/etc... just apologies, small partial payments, and more excuses and reasons why you cant pay them back.

    I know you have it harder than most and I wish you the best. It is very important that you and everyone understands that you not only take responsibility, but you actually make things right. Otherwise it could be considered that you are using your ex, your son, and god to gain sympathy for your own manipulative purposes. And that would be a sin of the worst kind.

    I'm rooting for you Justin. You owe it to yourself, your kids, and the magic community to pay everyone back and complete your apology.

    Best Wishes,

  13. Dont you dare talk to me like you can lecture me Smith. talk to your business partner and the conversations we have had see if I have not ALREADY started to make good what i am responsible for.. i get it b your hurt and you dont want others coming to my aid and support because you feel betrayed that I left and how dare you I had no choice and if you want to air it all out here then fine because you wont respond to me directly through e-mail.

    Also, you among anybody else in this world know how hard i bent over backwards for customers and anyone that felt i did not come through for them when I should of.. Did i over promise? yes I did. And i take full responsibility for that but these are not excuses..

    what you guys dont know is i was asked ( I was going to do it anyways because i needed to) make a public statement just letting everyone know that No Limits was a great company and they should be trusted..then they come back and use my very statement they asked me to write as an oppurtunity to slam me again...

    tell ya what Smith come at me like a man and respond to me in person or e-mail. Its pretty unfair to use what you asked me to do as a way to push me down again...
  14. God works in mysterious ways Justin. He works in ways that we may never understand. But every time we fall, he's right there to lift us up.

    Seems you're taking a step in the right direction and owning up to your mistakes!

    Hold your head up high, for there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

    Praying for you and your family.

  15. It's not easy publicly stating you've been acting like an idiot (not saying you are Justin), but I'm just saying it's hard to publicly apologize for something you did wrong. That shows the first step of a true apology.

    Some people will say talking's cheap, and it is, but you've made the first big step. Now all you have to do is right it with your actions, as I'm sure you will. Best of luck and I truly hope your family situation gets better.

    @Creeper, everybody has already stated all I really had to say to you. You've been acting extremely disrespectful to many many people on these forums. My parents actually taught me to be professional and polite, but obviously you didn't take that advice if you were ever given it. You need to grow up and mature a bit. Your behavior is not helping anyone. Chill.

  16. i know and through all of this I have seen another side of Him i never knew.
    but Im going through the hardest time of my life right now. And to all of you who know me really know me know that Im a genuine person. And thank you for your continued support. It means so much more than just "your my idol talk"
  17. Agreed Draven. Creeper just thrives off of attention. He probably made that fake false shuffle to get more attention because no one cared about him. He's a little kid just trying to get attention in THE WRONG WAY. Seriously Creeper, lay off. It's enough for Justin to feel bad as it is already, but kicking him while he is down is just pitiful and a disgrace to yourself. You should feel ashamed. He has emotions too, just like the rest of us.

    Go Justin for making things right. Not everyone will believe in your situation, but that's because they don't know what you are going through. Only you know what's right and how to make it right. I truly hope things get better and may God bless.


  18. Man; I don't think anyone should have to go through that stuff...

    I am very glad that you are making a public apology for this (as most people would not) and that shows a lot of reason for respect.

    I do sincerely hope that everything works out for you.
  19. God bless.

    By the way Justin, I couldn't find you on Skype. Could you add me? Or PM me a phone number to contact you at? Thanks.


    This is a public apology from Justin. There is no need to harass him. Please - NO senseless bashing.
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