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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Reapx, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Im just wondering how many of you guys do not have an ACR?
    Im asking this because i hear a lot of people talk about there ACR. But i dont have one. and im kinda glad of that. im just wondering how many dont have one.
  2. mmmm...maybe I am reading wrong...but do you know what an ACR stands for?
  3. Makes sense to me.. Everyone has their own version of an ACR so technically its "theirs"
  4. doesnt it mean Ambitious Card Routine.
  5. dude... ACR stands for Ambitious Card Routine...

    you dont have an ACR. when people talk about "their" ACR, they are talking about their variations of the ambitious card routine.

  6. but i honestly think i dont have one. lol. i mainly do 1 card effect on a daily basis. and thats stigmata. most of the tricks i do use coins, rubberbands, ect
  7. ACR's are fun! It's simple, direct, magical, not too hard either.
  8. isn't it like when you tear something in your knee?


    When I first started, I used an ACR that I saw verbatim. I stopped doing magic a few months into it back then (now a couple years ago), then started up again a couple weeks ago. I forgot how it went, but I still know my sleights (and my chops have definitely improved since back then... for some reason) and I've learned new ones, so I'm trying to set mine up sort of....
    but I feel as if many tricks like this (since it's a pretty simple effect, repeated many times) can be done in so many different ways.... and I'd like to be at a point where I can just wing an entire routine, and entertain the same person with AN ambitious card routine and each time still keep them guessing....

    but I'm not there yet =(
  9. I never had a set acr I did however fall into a trap of doing basically the same one over and over again. The thing that I really dislike is the patter usally associated with the routine. I mean the card comes to the top or the move happens. Seriously come up with something original clever and or rational for this routine to make sense. The other reason that I dislike this routine is that it doesn't really end.
  10. I love the ACR.
    The ACR is the trick I perform for people everytime.
    Its a great routine when developed well. You dont have to follow the classic "i snap my fingers and it comes to the top" presentation... make it your own. If you put some depth and context into it, it will kill.
  11. ACR is an ok card routine. i would suggest it to someone just starting out. But i dont think they are as fun. I think a trick like slink, or tricks using money or a persons borrowed item is more effective, but maybe thats just me
  12. I thought that as well for quite a while but after you explore how far an ACR can go, presentation wise, it will become one of your favorite routines. Just get the moves down and make your own patter... forget all that press the button snap the fingers stuff. Make it laymen worthy! yay...
  13. anyone familiar with Patrick Redford's thoughts on turning and ACR into a mental magic routine? I really like what he says.
  14. I like to end my ACR with card to mouth. it always seems a logical ending for me.

  15. When I was first putting together my ambitious card routine it was sleight heavy and confusing. Keeping your routine laymen friendly is great advice. After working on my ACR for a while I discovered something that laymen really enjoyed. If you have a group of people willing to watch magic you have to show then something they want to see. After asking myself what would interest a common audience I came up with this routine. I now perform this all the time. It is really one of my go to effects. Any deck, any time.


    Hope you enjoy it.
  16. Agreed. (word count)
  17. I was asking because you said that you were glad that you didn´t have one..

    an ACR is a good lesson for perfecting sleights and combine them to create a routine...you should make one...
  18. i have a few endings for mine. i basically use either, david regals acr, born to perform's acr, but i dont usually end with the crimped card ending.
    its a great routine.
    and i agree, you need some kind of scripting for it, or some awesome acr moves, or it get repetitive
  19. Just out of curiosity, why don't you use the pop-up move? There are very few ACR moves that are that strong for laymen.

    Also, I'm not so sure about the scripting philosophy. If you keep it short, a good ACR pretty much speaks for itself.
  20. Have you seen David Blaine's ACR? He has the spectator put it in the middle, and it pops to the top. Then, instead of reinserting he throws a torn and restored into it!

    I think that is a great way to end, whether you have the card pop to the top once or twice or 230498 times like I've seen some people do.

    My two cents.

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