A Quick Note of Appreciation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TRUNDY, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. I know that this will come off as me shining apples, but it deserves to be said.. This may have already been covered and if so then I appologize.

    Just wanted to drop a quick note and say thanks to JB and the folks at T-11 for the latest 1-on-1 . It was a pleasant surprise to see a free download. I know a lot of the members here probably found no use for such a remedial type of video , but for me being as inexperienced and new to this as I am, I found it really useful. The video has pointed out some weaknesses I have had with the move and just didn't realize. So anyhow .. Thanks for that and keep up the good work. Anytime a business is willing to help out and not expect a profit in return I am always appreciative.
  2. Ill second that. At first i didn't expect much but i am now a keen Erdnaser.
  3. I appreciate that, but I also appreciate the whole community too. I feel everyone here is useful and we learn from each other, even in tight heated debates on a subject :)
  4. Absolutely agreed.... I have said over and over how valuable this comunity is to me as a Novice... I have been on/currently am on a bunch of other sites/message boards and this one in particular is where I consider my "home" to learn...
  5. This is a great community, and i'd like to thank everyone here, the mods, users, novices, professionals - You've all been a great help!
  6. Thanking ALL your thanks. With my thanks.
  7. Aw, cheers guys. Didn't know you liked me so much.

    Seriously though, we are a fabulous community.

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