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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zdogmagic, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. hey guys,

    i was reading a book about a month ago, and noticed this quote. (No one knows who it's by but anyway)

    "You can't deny what you see, but you can question what it is."


    So ya! what do you guys think? Any thoughts???

  2. Well, my first thought is: Huh. That's a neat quote.

    My next thought is: I certainly can deny what I see, though. I see stuff that's not there all the time.
  3. As an Elite Academic I can tell you that something will occur to expose the fallacy of this notion.....I can and I will deny what I see...There is nothing stopping me from doing so....I don't need to question it either...The question isn't who is going to let me.... it's who is going to stop me.

    This is a better quote...
    Accept reality and dare not question it.
  4. This guy is really freaking the hell out of me.....
  5. Why? He's arguing logically. The quote really is fallacious. To claim that you can't deny what you can see is ridiculous.
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    Can you provide an example? I don't follow you. If I see the ghost of an elephant float through my living room, I can't deny what I saw. My eyes saw it cut and dry, and my brain recorded it--my senses have confirmed the event happened. All I can do after that is question its authenticity and try to explain it away or put it into a little box in my head. But I can't straight up just deny what I saw.
  7. I agree with Matt. An example closer to home would be if you perform an effect for a layperson. Say you were doing an ACR to them they saw you put their card in the middle of the deck yet suddenly its back on top. They know what they saw and can't deny what they saw with their eyes only question their understanding of it. Whether they come to the logical conclusion or a more farfetched one. Its human nature to try and understand what you see, especially if it seems impossible e.g. magic.

    Also yeah that elite Guy is rather annoying every post I've seen of his are egotistical nonsense imo.

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    Okay I except you are ignorant POS poster. The act was funny when you first came around, now it is out right annoying.

    First of all, if people actually went by this phrase that you just spat in everyone's face, there would be no sciences and philosophy. Science is basically asking a question and figuring out if this and this is true. It is questioning reality, I just watched an apple fall to the ground. Now I can question what I just saw, I know I saw an apple fall but what happens when I drop my pencil. *GAsp* it fell as well! There must be something that is pulling objects to the ground. Not only are you an academic anything elite, you are an outright liar.
  9. Your brain is not infallible and your eyes are simply lenses. It's surprisingly common for one to incorrectly perceive things, or to hallucinate outright. For example, how many times have you or a friend caught something out of the corner of your eye, thought it was a cat or something, then realized it was actually a jacket?

    Given that these kinds of mis-perceptions are generally common, I think it's perfectly valid to question what you see on a regular basis.
  10. So do I, which was my whole point as to why I agree with the original quote ("You can't deny what you see, but you can question what it is") and disagree with Elite Pretension's rambling.
  11. I blocked his posts, but I am saying you can deny what you see.
  12. It is only through questioning what you see that you will realize that it is what you haven't seen that matters. Read the quote in my signature.
  13. Verb

    to deny (third-person singular simple present denies, present participle denying, simple past and past participle denied)

    1. To not allow.
    "I wanted to go to the party, but I was denied."

    2. To assert that something is not true.
    "I deny that I was at the party."


    For the purpose of this thread, I assume the second meaning is the one in question.

    Note that the definition does not mention anything about truth, or what the subject in question believes to be true. You can know full well that something happened, but still deny it.
    When someone in court pleads "not guilty", that's a denial, but how many accused know that in "truth", they committed the crime?

    I can deny that I posted this response, even though I know that I did, and even though there is good evidence that I did. Still doesn't stop me from denying it.

    Since it's gotten to semantics, can we just drop this?
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    I deny that I posted the previous response.


    I also deny that I am looking at a computer/phone screen while typing this response.

    I also deny that I am familiar with the English language.
  15. Pretty much that what TheatreHead said....He just denied that he posted something when he really did do it...Can I question if he really did post that?...yep...Do I want to?....nope

    Oh but you are wrong...You can Deny anything you want...How?..."I did not see the ghost of an elephant float through my living room"...

    First of all show some Damn respect....second of all you fail to realize that whatever I post is the truth...You cant deny it...It is reality...And reality is only made certain trough sciences..So once again your comments have fallen flat...I think it's more a matter of questioning thoughts about reality...Your example just shows someone questioning what made what you saw "reality"..thats gravity btw.
  16. By the way, the book was called Nation by Terry Pratchet...
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    Saying something you do not actually believe does not make it true, and is quite different from saying something you actually do believe--something I'm sure we are all quite aware of. They are not the same thing. You can verbally say anything you want, but that does not change your experience with your reality.

    But this conversation is going nowhere fast, and debating semantics is moot at best.

    Peace out
  18. Yep....And that is irrelevant...It doesn't make it true but you are denying it....
  19. You can do anything you want....but does that make it right?
  20. hey guys,

    i was reading a book and noticed this quote.
    I have thought about it thoroughly for three years and I am sure I want to get a tattoo. it's either gonna be along the shoulder or at the lower left side just above my hip

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