A Review of the NYSM2 Monarchs

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  1. I've had this deck for some time and I wanted to share my review on it for you all.

    The NYSM2 Limited Edition Monarchs (now sold out) were released around the same time as the movie. As a playing card collector I really wanted to get a few of these decks, some to use, and a couple to keep for its collective value.

    The deck is the same design used on the regular monarchs deck (not the other fine line art design used on the White Gold Monarchs). It features a black ink color variation (which is something I'm sure most of the Monarch design fans have wanted to see since the design came out. the faces are the same as all other Monarch decks (to keep with tradition) and use the standard Bicycle faces with darker colors.

    The tuck case is dark with silver foil design (just like the original Monarchs but with silver instead of gold). Of course being the NYSM2 edition it has the NYSM name stamped on the front of the box.

    The cards are standard quality (your typical theory11 handling) with the premium finishes and whatnot. the difference between this deck is that is has a NYSM design card (sort of like an ad card) instead of a theory11 ad card.

    So on paper the design of the deck is totally fine, it looks cool, it handles well, and it comes in a long awaited color. So what is the catch?

    Well, I went to go watch NYSM2 in theaters and brought this deck along with me. I watched and just like the NYSM2 Limited Edition product page says, Monarchs are indeed used throughout the film. However, as I waited to see these Black Monarchs which were branded for the movie to show up, they never did. Almost all the cards used in the movie were the Red Monarchs color variation. If I am correct (it was a midnight showing and I was quite tired) these branded special edition Monarchs were never used in the film.

    So this begs the question which I still haven't found the answer to: Why was this deck created at all? Sure I really wanted a black color variant for this deck, but why did this deck have to be branded for something it was never in? I do not want to speculate any reasons which could be false but it really confuses me why this NYSM2 variant was created.

    Overall I like this deck for the color, but the tuck case makes it feel a little gimmicky because from the way I read the product page I assumed if it was a Monarchs design, and they kept pushing that the design was in the film (on the NYSM2 Monarchs product page) that these branded cards would appear on film.

    With the uptick in prices for cards across the board I can't afford to collect these decks and feel disappointed if decks don't seem to shine above and beyond my expectations (I assume my expectations might be a tad bit too high). That being said, I eagerly wait for the next great deck of cards, something comparable to the Contraband deck.

    See you all in the far future (if at all),

    Also let me know what you think. Have I gone mad? Am I too picky? Do you agree/disagree?
    I'd like to hear your feedback.
  2. We never stated anywhere that the NYSM2 Monarchs were in the movie. From the product page: "Monarch Playing Cards are used throughout the film by the cast, and this special edition features the Now You See Me 2 title across the front in breathtaking silver foil." Lionsgate (the production company) had nearly all of the then-current variations of the Monarch deck on hand for filming both NYSM and NYSM2, and they were the primary playing cards used. The NYSM2 edition was not even considered until well after NYSM2 was done filming.

    The NYSM2 Monarchs were a promotional deck, created in collaboration with Lionsgate as a part of the promotion for the movie. It would be really weird having NYSM2 branded Monarchs inside NYSM2. DECKCEPTION. These were created in the weeks prior to the movie premier.

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