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    Hey guys, just a quick and fun story I wanted to share...

    Yesterday I was at a new magic shop in Long Island. There were two other guys shopping there. Through discussion, I brought up that I was going to attend an upcoming Luke Dancy lecture. One of the guys said he knew Luke and just finished working with him on the new season of Mindfreak. Lo and behold, I was speaking to Scott Interrante, the man who gave Criss Angel his first magic lesson. He told me about working on the show and things to look forward to in the new season. He was with someone named Jeff, who I assume is another New York magician. All in all, Scott was very nice and I am very glad to have met him and heard what he had to say about magic and working with Criss Angel.

    Ironically, last night's SNC was a roundtable discussion with Luke Dancy. Not only that, but he mentioned Scott in the discussion. Like Luke said in last night's discussion, the magic community is a small community, and he couldn't have been more correct.
  2. That's pretty sweet. Thanks for sharing the story. It is amazing how everyone seems to know each other within the magic community via lectures, conventions, hanging out at shops and such.

    Did he perform anything for you or did you just hang out and chat? You buy anything cool from the shop? Can't say I've been to that one.
  3. Mostly hung out and chatted, but I learned A LOT. The store itself is great, I bought a couple cool decks of cards (Karnival Midnight and Bee Erdnase).
  4. where is this store i live on long island and don't know of many.. location please? :D

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