A Teenagers Opinion: A review of Psycho by Spidey

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  1. Before I start the review will I just tell a little about myself so you know my creditability.
    I have been heavily into magic for a little while now. I mainly do card magic with mentalism themes so Psycho is my preferred kind of trick.

    The Effect:
    The performer spread the cards between his/her hands and ask the spectator to think of a card. The performer then asks the spectator to name a simple shape and a number between 1 and 100. And from those two pieces of information can the performer ''seemingly'' guess what card the spectator is thinking of. But there is more the performer take the cards and turn them over to show that on the back of each of the cards there is written a number between 1 and 100 and drawn a shape. When the performer get to the selection he/her turns it over to reveal that the selection have the number and shape that the spectator mentioned on the back!

    When I first saw Psycho I were impressed and fooled, I nearly had no idea how it could have been done. Psycho is good for magicians but way more powerful for spectators.
    I have now used Psycho quite a few times and a must say it gives a very good reaction. You wont get a screaming reaction but more silence were people just think about what they just saw and have no clue to it at all.

    One of the cool things about Psycho is that the spectator think that they have done something impossible. You will usually get the spectator saying somthing like ''I'm so good at this.'' or ''How did that just happen?''

    One of the other cool things about Psycho is that basic principle can be used to so many different things you could do it with: initials, names, symbols etc.

    The Trailer:
    The trailer were cool but heavily edited they had cut every time he did a move. And helped on fooling me among others, a shame because they could have done a whole performance without cuts and still have a great product.

    The basic preparation will take 10 min. max and is very easy. There is also a set-up before each trick that will take about 30 seconds and can't be done with spectators looking.

    Psycho is very practical to some point. It requieres a reset that can't be done in front of spectators but it isn't really a problem. The angles on Psycho isn't that good it's mainly a one n' one trick. But besides that Psycho is very practical. It uses a gimmick but nothing that you shouldn't have at home already.

    I would rate the difficulty 4 out of 10 not because of the moves but because of the fact that you want to have a solid presentation to make this trick believable.

    7 dollars for this trick is very very cheap, Theory 11 could have sold this for more and it wouldn't have been overpricing

    Overall is Psycho a very good trick. What Spidey has done is he have taking some old principles and put them together for a solid trick. The biggest let down with Psycho is the trailer.

    I would rate it 7,5 out of 10
  2. Hey there Im really glad you enjoyed the product :) I hope it keeps bringing you good times !

    I would like to address the whole trailer issue. The guys over at Theory11 are MASTERS behind that camera, it's honestly mind numbingly impressive how good they are at what they do. The "cuts" or "edits" are for a very specific reason. As magicians we look at things differently than laymen. The reason a few things are left out of trailers is because we want you, the magician, to see what they, the spectators, get to see. EXACTLY as they see it!

    You will notice that NOTHING of importance is left out of the trailer, it's not like we cut out any important steps, what you see in the trailer is exactly what you get as a trick, we just cut out a few presentational moments to not give away the whole thing, and also to keep it very high impact. As you said, the trick is great and the trailer sums it up pretty well, which is all it is intended to do :)

    I hope this helps you understand why trailers are done a certain way, but either way I really appreciate the time you took to write this review and I hope Psycho keeps, leaving your audiences speechless :)

  3. With a great presentation, PSYCHO by Spidey is a KILLER effect.
    It would leave your spectator literally SPEECHLESS of what you have predicted before hand.
    Though it is practical, but a faulty presentation may lead towards a crash in the game.
    I would recommend this towards people with several mentalism experience before, so that the presentation would boost the performance.

  4. Just to toss in a bit here.

    I was at a meeting for my circus troupe last night. While we were talking, I was going through the motions of a few things to get them into my muscle memory. Not performing at all, just literally doing the motions and kind of thinking the script through in my head. I got about 80% through Out Of My Mind, I had already spread the deck and was (silently) flipping cards over and saying in my head, "Black .. red .. black .. red", when the other people noticed I was doing stuff. My girlfriend says, "You guys notice anything? It's separated .. red and black" That was just a coincidence, since up to that point they were alternating. I knew they weren't going to continue with that, so I started saying out loud, "Red .. Red ... Black ... Black .. Black" when one of the girls jumps in, "It would be more impressive if you told me the numbers."

    So I just held the last card out, face down, stared at the back for a second and said, "Ace of Clubs."

    What followed is not appropriate for general audiences.
  5. One of those moments you would have killed to have on film, haha. Awesome, thanks for sharing!

    // L

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