A weird coincidence that felt like magic...

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  1. So I have been in magic (specifically card magic) for about 3-4 years. And boy do I love it but while I was practicing my springs in the cafeteria to test out different lengths and force I found myself almost dying of laughter. For those of you who are a card magician as well, you know you'll get complements on your spring from time to time. So when this initially happen I wasn't surprised at all, but what follows is what got me cracking up. Basically as I was doing my first spring, a staff member sees from afar and I hear her say audibly "WHAT DID YOU JUST DO" she walks up to me and asks me to do it again and so of course I did. She proceeded to ask me how I was able to do it. So I reply with "its something I like to call a lonely Saturday night" she smirks and talks to me for a bit and then carries on. As soon as she leaves I spring my cards again and, and almost immediately another guy walks up to me (an acquaintance of mine i don't know him all that well) and says "Dam bro, how do you do that". Now in my head I'm just thinking, eh what a coincidence right? So I talk to him for a brief sec, and then he leaves. So I figure why not spring the cards again just for the hell of it. As soon as I do, I see a sub walk by and freeze in his tracks when he sees me springing the cards. He gave me a look so I did it again and he says "You have quite the grip on those don't you" At this point I just nod at him and laugh. He walks away and at that point I put away the cards and for a good minute looked like a lunatic as I cracked up at my own table. I had literally got three complaints on my springing in a row, one after the other. Now if you ask me, that's what I call real magic hahaha.
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  2. Wow, that is cool! Something magical happened to me the other day. I was watching a magic video while shuffling a deck of cards. The magician on the screen said to think of one of five cards he was holding. I thought of the King of Clubs. Then, he said, let's say the spectator picks the King of Clubs, and I was like, that is a pretty cool coincidence. Then I looked down at the deck I was holding, and without even thinking about it, I HAD FLIPPED OVER THE KING OF CLUBS ON TOP OF THE FACE UP DECK! It was really cool, because I could have shuffled a little bit differently, or I might have not decided to randomly flip the card over. Now I know how specators feel when they see a magic trick they cannot explain.
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  3. Exactly, while we as magicians practice sleights its important to remember that sometimes you really do just get lucky. I remember once I tried to do a control with a card and I completely messed it up. So I thought I would make a joke about it, like "I brought your card to the top AND I CHANGED IT" as like a funny laugh but when they took the top card it was apparently their card. So the next time someone hands you a brick of gold, instead of saying "what is this?" Just say "Thank you I've been waiting for these" and run far away. :)
  4. A good card spring often impresses people more than a lot of other more complicated card flourishes!
  5. Agreed, that's why it is considered a "power move" so to speak. Its quick way to show enormous skill with one simple move.

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