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  1. Hello guys, some of you may remember me from hanging out, in such wild places as my home, where I work, or occasionally in traffic during a jam, for everyone else, my name is Josh.

    I have been a long time fan of magic, and a long time assumer that I couldn't do it. Recently however ive been trying some things out, and I got a pretty good grasp at fooling my friends, and my dog (only the one, the other one has made it clear she doesn't appreciate my new found mysterious abilities)

    IDK how this sort of thing typically goes, im living in the sunshine state, almost 27, gamer and musican. im a natural talker, love being in crowds and have a knack for making friends and people laugh. I thought id get into magic more to augment that. for me I love nothing more then telling a story though it, having people so drawn out of the world around them and helping them forget for just a little while, that all the stories we heard growing up aren't real.

    so lets turn this into an AMA, lets get to know each other (admittedly ive read the last 30 pages of this forum so I kinda am like a stalker now), seriously though, how are you all doing?
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  2. Lol. It's all good. Good to know the territory before you post, right?

    In any case, welcome to the forums!
  3. Lol yeah, right now im at the point where I can do the simple stuff. I.E. stuff I can actually do, so it must be simple, so simple I don't believe anyone wouldn't catch it, and when they act surprise I secretly believe they all know.

    but its been a lot of fun, I really think it accents my natural charm quite well, im unsure if ill ever pursue this professionally, but I really do get allot of joy out of making people smile and doubt.
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  4. Hey Josh, I'm on the other coast of Florida, I am jealous though, I'm a MN Twins fan, spring training in Ft Myers.
    I have been showing my new tricks and slights to friends at work. I have this one co-worker I did a very simple trick and she couldn't handle easy instructions ( Told her to pick a number between 10 and 20, she picked 9). Then I tried to show her something more advanced that didn't involve her having to think much. After giving her first instruction she looked me in the eyes and said all I had to do was... and proceeded to bust the trick wide open. She is my biggest critic now, as long as I don't have her pick numbers.
  5. I thought I noticed, but the title is a Pokemon reference. Well played title. 'Like' has been administered.

    I missed the AMA part in your post. Let's do this:

    I'm Hurley. Just moved to Texas. Retired military (specifically, medically retired). Just started magic and cardistry last July. Doing cardistry to relieve anxiety and help out with PTSD. Dove headfirst into magic because of my twins. Daughter and I are learning magic as we go along. My other goal is to perform in hospitals, homeless shelters, retirement homes; places where people NEED magic.
    Though the first stop is children's hospital.
    I haven't been able to perform yet as I'm completely enamored with prop magic--namely Tenyo Magic and I'm gearing up for an 'all-Tenyo' show. That and I'm not comfortable with what I have learned so far to perform. So I decided to focus on the performance aspect. But it looks like I'll be performing next Spring. Maybe sooner if the budget and EBay can work in my favor.
    No favorite team; never really watched sports. Not much a gamer anymore since they won't upgrade my SNES to a network. But that's okay. My interests are the twins interests: magic, Legos, Disney princesses, trains, and anything that can go up into space.
  6. Yeah, PKMN, growing up in the 90's pretty much makes it a requirement :p

    that's pretty awesome, how your going about the road of magic, and I just want o make sure I thank you for all you've done for us. o7

    im unfamiliar with what Tenyo is, although I know ive seen you post a lot referencing it, so I guess its time to get my Peabody on.
  7. Welcome to the forums!
  8. You grew up in the 90's, man! You MIGHT know what Milton Bradley's: Magic Works are; mid 90's stuff.
    Magic Works were branded as kids magic tricks, but a lot of them were legally rebranded Tenyo tricks.

    Basically it's absolutely brilliant close up prop magic. Some of their tricks have conventional application. Some of them are just mechanisms of corporeal madness.

    At the very least, it's worth a look.
  9. I remember magic works im fairly sure, I was unware there was a rebranding thing going on. Do you have a good source on where I can look into it?
  10. I'd have to dig for it and get with you in that probably tomorrow. Briefly, it was completely legal. Milton Bradley made some sight changes to some of the tricks. Some of it being the name, recolors, even actual changes to some of the props (Coin in the Crypt).

    And some of them were Milton Bradley originals. Neat stuff.
  11. I really need to work over my aversion to props and gimmicks. It feels like I am cheating (ironic, right?) but I feel like I am not showing off my skill as a magician if I use them. (Probably has to do with being very uneasy talking to people...)
  12. Here's the thing. I'm on a VERY limited budget. So whatever I choose to buy, I have to contemplate over the course of months. While I'm practicing like a madman on actual sleights; I am WAAAY far off from being confident or proficient to try them out in anyone other than the dog.

    While I'd like to use actual sleights. There is a lot of fun to be had with props. Also allows you to practice another important aspect to magic performance: scripting and routining.

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