A woman actually asked me for the 13 of Diamonds last night. Everyone thought it was hilarious.

Feb 24, 2021
I was at a bar last night, hanging out with some people on the porch. I always like to arrange the four queens in easy to get to places in the deck and then ask female spectators what their favorite card is. 50% or more will name a Queen. I can usually even predict if she will name either a red queen or the Queen of Spades (almost no one ever picks Queen of Clubs). I've gotten great reactions. Often people are more shocked by the production of the Queen than the actual trick I do with it.

Last night I stand up and say, who want to see a card trick. I pick one of the women at the table and ask her what her favorite card is and so goes "diamond." Ok but what specific card? "13 of Diamonds." Everyone else at the table thought that was hilarious.
Jan 2, 2016
I was doing the invisible deck for someone once and told her to name a card.

She told me "I don't really know cards" so her friend said "It's like numbers and shapes"
And then the first girl says "oh okay, thirteen of stars"
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