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  1. Hey everyone,

    I spend hours trying to find out how this trick is done but I can´t figure it out so I need help maybe a tutorial on YouTube, an Article in a Magazine, a book or anything else that helps.

    Here is the performance of Chris Ramsey:


  2. The first part where he makes the cards vanish is called "snap deal" by Lennart Green.

    P.S: Please avoid youtube tutorials and acquire the creator work
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  3. This has been put together in a compelling cool way. Both of these are well known marketed effects. Keep studying! I don't like to give away other's material but seeing as Lennart Green is a master and you'd do well to learn from him here is a link to the DVD set where he teaches the first bit.


    The second part is a Sans Minds product.
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  4. Thanks for the fast reply and I totally respect the work of others. Only some times there are some Magicians who teach their Tricks for free but I´ll buy it.

    Could someone give me more advice for books that don´t teach only the basics but also some effects that are more advanced?
  5. The royal road to card magic or the card college series. I think Royal road is public domain, so there are probably free pdfs out there. A word of advice on learning moves- they're very, very hard. And they need to look really good. Avoid YouTube like the Plaugue except to watch performances by good magicians to see what things should look like. Most of those tutorials will screw you up. But if you want to learn say, the classic pass, find a good slight of hand artist(I'll list some below) and try and find a video of them doing that move, in our example you'd Google Jason England classic pass.
    Also, remember that despite what everyone says, there's no such thing as an easy trick. Everything takes practice, and lots of it.

    Skilled sleight of hand magicians:
    Jason England
    Paul Wilson
    Steve forte
    Richard Turner
    Darwin Ortiz
    Derek delguadio
    Dai Vernon
    Charlie miller
    Larry Jennings
    Michael Vincent
    Ed Marlo

    If you're really serious about becoming good, you should only learn from good sources, which I can provide more of if you're interested. For now, you should avoid YouTube except in the aforementioned instances, and any magic product not coming from a good source(which I can provide if you want).
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  6. That would be really helpfull cose I know how bad YouTube is and I am fed up whit it.
  7. What type of stuff do you like? What is your experience? Do you typically perform standing up or at a table?

    If you tell us more about yourself, we can make better recommendations.
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  8. I like slight of Hand but I like performing at a Table or standing. The thing I don't like is self working Tricks. When I perform I like doing color changes. I havent got small hands so palming is no big problem. I practice a lot infront of mirros. Anything else needed?
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  10. As @DominusDolorum said, you shouldn't rule out anything that is self-working. What is important is the illusion of impossibility that the spectator sees, not the difficulty of the method used to obtain that illusion. The is true for gimmicks and gaffs. Combining sleight of hand with self working principes and gimmicks or gaffs will fool most magicians. We should seek the illusion of impossibility by any means possible.

    Color changes are not, by themselves, magic. They really need to be part of a larger routine. Similarly, pick a card / lose a card / find a card plots generally are not that interesting.

    My recommendation is to get the first two volumes of the Card College Series or the Card College DVDs. That will give you a good foundation in sleight of hand magic that you can build on. Most of what you have learned on Youtube probably is not proper handling. If cost is an issue, start with Royal Road to Card Magic and then check back in from there.
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  11. Ok will do book is alredy orderd
  12. One last question I always like to order more stuff because of the shipping any others? Also self working!
  13. What's your budget?

    My favorite video series of all time is the Michael Ammar's Easy to Master Card Miracles. You will get a variety of tricks that require some sleight of hand, as well as self-working tricks and presentation tips (The REAL secrets). You can see the list of each trick when you research a volume: http://www.ammarmagic.com/easy-to-master-card-miracles-1--dv.html

    If one or two of those interest you can always buy them separately here: http://www.michaelammarmagic.com/
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  14. For performances you should study
    Ricky jay
    Dai Vernon
    Juan tamariz
    Rene lavand
    Helder guimeras
    Lennart green
    Michael Vincent
    Bill Malone
    Shawn Farquhar
    Joshua jay
    Asi wind
    I'm sure there are more, those are just the ones floating around in my head right now(that I've actually seen) some have books and DVDs, others, not so much. The only sources from Ricky Jay for example, are a YouTube video of a show, a documentary, and some historical texts. However that performance is a gold mine of information.
    With regards to teachers, seek out material by
    Roberto giobbi
    Joshua jay
    Helder guimaeras
    Dai Vernon
    Juan tamariz
    Michael Vincent
    Those are the only guys I can personally attest to, however anyone on those lists would be a pretty good bet as a solid learning source. However, at least for now, try and avoid those flashy, modern type guys like shin lim, Daniel madison, Dan and Dave, etc... and focus on the more classical ones like jay, gumaeras, Vernon, etc... Also, meet and talk with fellow magicians in person, attend lectures if you can, or find some knowledgeable magician in the area and at least occasionally, hang out and get some feedback.
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  15. Problem is in my area isn´t a Magician I live in the mountains sooooo thats hard and I like Books more than videos if possible.
  16. For self-working, get Card College Light and Scarne on Card Tricks. If you want some fun stuff to move into after you get the fundamentals, Art of Astonishment, Volume 1, John Bannon's High Caliber and John agustaferro's One Degree. With those, you are set for at least a year.

    Also, I'm always willing to help anyone who wants to learn from books and willing to help people improve their performances.
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  17. I am going to over emphasize this book. It's a must have for anyone interested in card magic, especially if you love gambling themes. David constantly cites one trick in this book, Scarne's Drunken Poker Deal (page 122), and that trick ALONE is worth the value of 10 copies of the book. One of my personal favorites from this book is Braude's Mental Card Trick. Absolute simplicity, but it's a killer and self-working!
  18. Thanks everyone for the help and you´ll hear from me soon!
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  19. Good luck my friend!
  20. The Mental Card Trick is very nice. There are some great effects, Calling the Cards, Upside Down Deck, Traveling Aces, Swimmers (which I do a version of using the numbers off lottery tickets), Nomenclature, Scarne's Drunken Poker Deal and The New Deal Poker Hand. There also are a lot of classics in there, Do as I Do, The Wizard, The Dean's Poker Deal (Jonah Principle), Miraskill and Card on Ceiling.

    Card College Light is a great book and is worth it for the first two effects - T.N.T. and Intuition. It only gets better from there.
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