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  1. hey guys, i've been practicing the Queens lately and i found that it hurts my hand practicing the clipshift T.T so is there any other legit way to shift the bottom card to the top without doing to clipshift? could you show me the tutorial? thnx
  2. umm im assuming that you dont actually own the dvd because if you did you wouldnt be asking that question, and as for the clipshift just lay off of it and come back to it in a couple of days. ive been doing the clipshift for about a year now and im still not satisfied with mine although it looks great i still think i can improve, but yea just keep practicing it will take a long time to get it down. btw do you even own the surfaced dvd?
  3. i didn't get the DVD, my friend taught me the trick actually :)
  4. Unless your friend is Chad Nelson, you're using someone else's material without compensating them.
  5. I could be wrong on this but I am willing to risk the embarrassment by saying Chad is probably a better teacher of Clip-Shift than your friend. However, as Christopher, please, not Chris, already mentioned if Chad is your friend then then it would be okay. But since you're asking a question about the method Chad himself created then that sort of rules out that possibility now doesn't it?

    OWWW...my synapses are searing with logic!!! The pain...my God, the paaaaaaain....

    Anyway, just spend the $30 bucks and get the Surfaced DVD and not only do you learn Clip-Shift by the person who invented it, you get tons more as well.

    - Steve
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    While I accept the point that to learn D&D's version of "The Queens", you're probably best learning it from The Trilogy DVDs, and if you want to learn the Clipshift you're best learning it from Surfaced, this is for quality of learning purposes rather than ethical reasons.

    Is it unethical to borrow a book from a library? I would say, no, it isn't. Is it unethical to borrow a book or DVD from a friend? I would say, no, it isn't. Is it unethical to allow someone to be in the same room while you're watching a DVD. Again, I say no, it isn't. On that basis, it also isn't unethical to teach a trick to a friend, or to learn said trick from that friend. Of course, the quality of teaching isn't likely to be as good as learning it from the original source, but, in my opinion, there are no ethical problems.

    An equivalent situation is this. Have you ever seen a comedian on TV who had a great line, which you then repeated to your friends? Did you compensate the comedian for the use of his material? Of course, if you were going to release your own comedy DVD, you would be expected to ask for permission to use that material, but for use in your everyday life, there's no ethical problem.
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    i know the quality of teaching a trick from the person who didn't originate them won't be good as the one who did but i mean can't my friend teach me the trick? there are bunch of tutorials out there teaching the clipshift. It's not that i don't want to buy the andthensome DVD or Trilogy it's just it ran out.... T.T on theory 11 and idk where else to buy. I know D&D didn't teach the clipshift in the DVD now LOL i thought they did
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    I know. I was just ribbing you a bit, tis all! :D

    You may find this useful:

    The Trilogy: andthensome


    by Chad Nelson

    BAM! You're welcome! :cool:

    - Steve
  9. lol w8, dan and dave have their own website? lol didn't know that thnx brah :))))
  10. orbit browns orbinase change is good! you can get it at d and d
  11. The Clipshift is a difficult move. I have been doing mine for over 4 years, and it took me 6 months just to get the mechanics down. While I love the move and highly recommend anyone learning it, I understand that it is not for everyone. I do not know of any one handed variations that can accomplish the vanish, but there are many two handed variations that can. In fact, D&D teach one in the explanation to The Queens.

    You can get the trick here for only 7 bucks! What a bargain...
  12. I have a question about the real clipshift - If I am left handed person, with witch hand I have to learn clipshift?
  13. You learn it with the hand that holds the card in biddle grip (for you that'd be left). Of course, you can always learn them in both hands.
  14. OK, Thanks. Actually I am right handed person I just do tricks with left hand.
  15. I have ten year old hands. Is it possible to to the clipshift with such small hands?
  16. The thing about moves, is they have to be adapted to fit each person's hands, the creator creates them for himself, takes "x" amount of years to practice it and alters it/evolves it to fit their hands, so take that in mind, you may have to adjust positions and angles etc

    that being said, and while on topic, the Clipshift is an overhyped move, unnatural "claw hand" position, flashing, angels It is rare to see someone in a real-life situation perform it naturally

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