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About how many flourishes should a flourisher know?

Sep 1, 2007
As much as you want or as little as they want :D

It doesn't really matter how many flourishes you have in your list of arsenals, but I think it's better to know a few good flourishes that you can execute very well as opposed to a wide range of moves that you can't even perform decently.

Quality > Quanttity

Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
agreed on the quality over quantity. But you should also consider flourishes that you enjoy practicing and that flow well together, as well as those that fit your style. Again, learn as much as you want and that accomplish your purpose. I love learning new flourishes and im always looking for new ones trying to string them together and form new ones.
May 18, 2008
Intresting question! Never would have thought to ask that.

All in all, I know about 5 flourishes well... That's it. Haven't found any others that I want to learn yet (except for the Stag, which is REALLY hard).
i think like Garry A and jrobarts05, its about quality, even u know 200, do u can perform them well? maybe if r 50 years old, and u have been practicing since ur 1 year XDD.

maybe the question is, WHICH flourishes u need to know. (and this answered ur question, a handful)

what i meant to this is that, there r some ones that r like supplies moves or starters or maybe finishers or something like that, like that i think that u maybe r available to create ur own and make ur style. example : Daniel Madison and revolution cut.

this is only my personal opinion and maybe some others have a different point of view, of maybe they will agree with me XDD

even so, i like this question, let see what the other theory11 members have to say :)
Sep 1, 2007
Jeff Mcbride always said, pick something and do it really good instead of trying to do everything...

I think that you should have a good foundation in the basic concepts, perhaps a better question would be about how many CONCEPTS should a flourisher know or be proficient at, and I would say, at least 7 or 8.

then the number of moves quickly reaches that inifnity mark, because once you can understand fanning, it doesn't take more than a minute to learn something like palmback fan, and if you see some new fan from Jaspas or something, you can probably just pick up a deck and try it and bust it right away!

so definitely learn 5 or 10 basic moves, in each concept .
Although infinite may sound reasonable in a nice perfect world, but sometimes it just wastes your time sometimes. If two things look so similar than that extra variation might not be worth learning. If you know the one hand revolution, then you probably aren't going to need to learn the horizontal spin cut from the Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes. But definitely don't disregard variation that seems so similar in execution but look really different from the spectator perspective. Even something as simple as exhibiting the same move from a different angle, would look drastically different from someone else's eyes.
Feb 8, 2009
there are 2 edges here-

knowing 1 flourish like no one else does---------------------here--------------------knowing many many flourishes but non of them good.

u wanna be in "here" try to find your balance between the two.
anyone can see himself how many flourishes he can handle while performing each the best he can.
May 9, 2008
The point with inifinite I was making was that you should know as many as you want to know, and perform them well. Being good at many flourishes is better than being good at just a few.

Obviously you want to know, learn and perform well, a good base of flourishes, but I don't think that was his question. How many should a flourisher know. My point was there is no limit to how many a flourisher should know. Now if he asked what the MINIMUM a flourisher should know then I might agree, 8 is a good number.

But why limit yourself to 8? Obviously you want a good base, but why limit yourself to that base. Why hold the belief that performing more will lower the quality. I think once you learn a flourish is like riding a bike, once you know it, you really never forget.
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