About Tally-Ho quality. Disappointed.

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    So when I first started Cardistry I bought my first brick of bicycles and when I burned through that I looked up a lot of stuff and decided to give Tally ho's a try so I bought a brick of those..

    And I have to say I'm extremely disappointed. Each tally-ho deck has been useful for about a day and then they already start clumping it's just crazy. I'm so disappointed with this you can't believe. And before you say anything.

    I was my hands 100 times a day and when I open up a new deck I even clean my hands with alcohol(and let my hands breath). I mean sure the tally-ho are great after opening and stay so for about a day. But so is pretty much any deck.
    But this is the 4th deck from this brick that I opened now and tssk it's the same thing every time.. after a day it becomes completely unusable for Cardistry.

    And in comparison I opened 2 decks of bicycle's "seconds" a while ago and I've used them INTENSELY for hours and hours a day and hours in a row. After about two weeks of Intense use I considered them too crappy for Cardistry.
    Well I just opened it back up again to compare with a 1 day used tally ho deck and OMG the bicycle's are still better than a 1 day used tally ho deck.. I just can't explain this.. I did not even use these tally ho decks as intensely.. No bending no pressure nothing.. just straight up anaconda's riffle fan's and waterbending pretty much. Which require very little bending.

    With these bike seconds I literally used them for EVERYTHING. From double lifts to pressure fans- underpressure - lepauls - anaconda - riffle fan - Riffle shuffle in the hand etc etc. I just spared them nothing since they were so cheap I treated them horribly. And yet they are still better than my tally-ho's

    What is going on? Anyone have a clue? I'm really certain my hands are clean.. even cleaner than when I used my seconds since I really didn't care about them.
    I'd almost say I'm too careful with the tally-ho's haha but how can being careful and clean ruin a deck faster than just "(edited for language)".

    Maybe I am missing something, did I not break them in well enough? And does that even matter to such a large extent as to make a deck useless in a days use.
  2. I know what you mean. It has been my experience that the Tally-Ho decks don't fan well, and tend to clump even when almost new. Bicycles on the other hand are great for fanning, spread and turnover flourishes - all kinds of cardistry. I am not sure why the Bicycles (particularly the Rider Backs) seem to be superior even to many of the pricey custom decks I have bought. There is something about the smooth finish of the cards and it holds up well over time, and maybe the thickness. Tally-Hos are considerably thicker and heavier stock, and the finish isn't the same. I love the look of a lot of the custom decks, but I use Bicycles almost exclusively when performing because I know I can rely upon them for flourishes and sleights.
  3. Well glad to hear someone else is having this experience because people keep telling me it's THE BEST DECK for Cardistry among the cheaper ones. And I did a lot of research into how decks are made and all the differences between a deck but Tally-ho was still supposed to be the best. I just get so frustrated now, that half the time I don't even wanna practice when using my tally-ho because they are so crappy. But I don't have the money to buy a new brick of bikes right now.

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