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  1. hi to all
    im just getting into coin magic and i bought bobo s book and dvd slowly learning the basics but i was wondering on the coin he uses for the back palm . i live in the uk so i dont know american money sizes . is there a special coin you use .

    also sorry for asking this noob question again and again . i ve read some of the topics but still didnt answer my question . to many diffrent types of coins used
  2. No problem. I just checked my book and re-read the section. Make sure you use a coin that has a diameter close to a few millimeters longer than the width of your second+third finger (middle + ring finger). This will allow for the front version of the palm. Learn the palm-towards-you version first, and do so until it's down perfect, before you move onto the backpalm. If you can do the front one smoothly with that coin, then you can use the exact same coin for the back. Personally, I use a half dollar (walking liberties, kennedy's etc) and a normal dollar sized coin (morgan's, Ike's, etc). I hold the dollar sized coin almost exactly where I would fingerpalm, and I hold the half-dollar quite a ways up to where the width of my second and third fingers = the diameter of the coin. Make sure that grip of yours is strong, because you need to be able to maintain it while wrapping the middle fingers around to the other side.

    Hope this helps
  3. I've never been able to back palm a coin with any success.:(
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    Deep Back Clip or Tenkai/Goshman Pinch. Easier to hide the coin naturally and produce/vanish the coin.


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