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    I'm sorry for this short thread, but I just really wanted to know the name of the flourish move that people use in the videos. It's a move where you use your chin to cut the last pack, if this doesn't make sense, than you guys can ask for more discription. I put a link of dan and dave doing it, but I see alot of different versions, I would appreciate it if you guys can tell me the name of the flourish, and a DVD that teaches this move, thank you all.

    The link: The move that I'm talking about starts at 1:10


    Also here one by DM

  2. leno cut. its part of jackson five
  3. thats the leno cut
    you can learn it in the trilogy dvd 2, flourishes
    its taught as a phase in the jackson 5
  4. That display is the Leno Cut published by dan & dave. You can learn it on Disc 2, phase 5 of the Jackson 5.
  5. There are thousands of cuts with a packet in the chin, leno is only one.
    The one in first vid, is leno, dunno second one.
  6. ok, the first one is the leno cut by dan and dave, you can find it on the trilogy disc 2 (flourishes) as a phase of the jackson 5 (as the others said above).

    the second one - lol, you didn't bother looking at the video title, and neither did the previous posters lol - is daniel madisons sybil in the rain, which can be found on daniels lethal dvd.

    dude, c'mon, asking about a flourish that is mentioned in the title of the video, and in the video there's only one flourish...
  7. The first one is called the leno cut. It can be found on disc 2, Phase 4 of the jackson five in the trilogy.

    The second one was originaly called Syble in the Rain, but Daniel Madison changed its handiling and called it syblthrn. Which can be found on the lethal dvd. Sadly the dvd is not being printed anymore.:(

    Edit: the new version is on the guardians preview.
  8. Wow stop repeating each other's posts. He gets it.

    You can also learn the 7 packet leno in the 2000 video in the System.
  9. It's the leno cut, you can learn it from part of Jackson 5.
  10. I think he gets the Leno is the first one guys. Geez, that was like 7 posts.

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