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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by coin_aholic, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. About The Raven......I just got it a few days ago and got lots of help on it from a coin magician that works at my LMS (local Magic Shop)

    And I love it, It is so awesome and the trick you can do is almost endless, there is a point of no more go.
    I love the effect you can do, (vanishes, shrinks, coin to card, coin through glass) and more.

    this is actaully to tell you that you can make Silk vanish
    yes SILK.

    if you have the Raven take a silk 6" are GREAT and you can even use a 9inch
    how it works.....without exposure

    you take the line and tie the silk to it and the rest it up to you!
  2. id just use... a silk vanisher much less work
  3. its more expensive... is it it not?
  4. Yes I love the Raven as well, except haven't used it much in the summer since it's annoying have to wear a button up shirt in the heat. My favourite effect is turning a quarter into a 20 dollar bill =] Gets amazing reactions.

  5. i like my raven its a pretty strong effect but it usually makes a prett noticable noise when the coin hits it
  6. Personally I think 'The Raven' is a very versatile gimmick which allows for some very visually striking magic.

    I've used it a few times with some success, but then I started learning sleight of hand with coins.

    Never gone back since:D

    Many thanks

    Daniel Chard
  7. Try talking over the noise as the coin vanishes. Or, actually slap your hand into the coin to make it vanish. Your choice, Mike.

    (from the Vanishing Rabbit)

    PS: That silk thing looks killer!

  8. hmm if you slap your hand into the coin wouldent the person feel the raven?
  9. Only if you're doing it on their hand... you can use the raven to vanish coins off of your hand, too. Or the table. Or the ground.

  10. right i forgot about that hmm i was just going to add some felt by suggestion of my cousin. i'll try the slap thing though
  11. I am terribly sorry but i am so anti raven. The fishing line is either to long or it just cuts the tip of my finger =(

    Any advice on how to fix that?

  12. If you use it a lot, you should come up with a patter then talk over it.
  13. i made my own raven...costed me about 3$, works perfectly lol

    great hard hitting effect, i do it in bars every time
  14. I actually don't care for the Raven because I am not the type of person who wheres the things needed for the raven to work/be hidden.
  15. Well, I don't know what to say about it cutting your finger... but the length of the fishing line is completely under your control. Simply adjust it by
    (a) tying knots
    or, what I'd recommend:
    (b) get a new line and re-do it, smaller.

    You may be able to think up a different way to get the device "in position" that doesn't use the line. How about modifying a sanada gimmick? :)

    A little creativity can overcome any problems you have.

  16. try taking a piece of take and wrap it around the line
  17. Ah thanks.

    I made a makeshift m5 out of it.

  18. im a way bigger fan of the m5 myself
  19. I love the Raven.
    You can make almost anything vanish or change.
    I even figured out how to change 3 times from object :D

    Here's a video of me performing tricks with the Raven :

  20. I love the Raven, The best is that you can do it without sleeves I just love it man!

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