Abraca-DAMMIT by Ben Zabin

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  1. Who actually soiled their pants while performing on a riverboat gig? Which well known star from Vegas actually missed his flight to Japan to board a cruise ship? What do you do when your closing illusion falls off the back of your truck while unloading for the big show? Yikes! Unfortunately, we all have lived through disasters and horror stories similar to these yet, Ben Zabin has put together a jaw-dropping collection that will leave you in tears laughing.

    AbracaDAMMIT! will have you shaking your head in disbelief that these scenarios in fact did play out for some of the biggest stars in magic. Not only will you enjoy turning each page anticipating the next story, but you'll also be collecting a plethora of life-lessons and storing away tid-bits of advice from these gentleman. This is by far one of my favorite magic books to date. Well done Ben!

    The Contributing List of Magicians is an OUTSTANDING lineup of professionals: Scott Alexaner, Ed Alonzo, Gene Anderson, Jon Armstrong, Michael Carbonaro, Jeff & Tessa Evason, Shawn Farquar, Harrison Greenbaum, Bill Herz, Jeff Hobson, Joshua Jay, Mac King, Jeff McBride, David Oliver, Oz Pearlman, JC Sum, Boris Wild, & Rob Zabrecky.

    For $20 this book is not one to pass up. Ben even signed mine for me. Definitely add it to your magic library. No, there aren't any effects in this book, nor was that the intention. It is hysterical, yet also offers some real working knowledge that you'll definitely utilize.

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