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  1. Hi all.
    Very new to magic and wondering what are the "need have" sleights
    for begining card magic.Have "expert at the card table" and a card magic dvd.However I am finding the going slow.

  2. I stongly recommend:

    Greg Wilson's "Double Take DVD" - an excellent primer on Card Magic from a seasoned professional, very entertaining and very easy to learn from. The DVD focusses on the double lift technique, contains a number of excellent effects using the technique (including some classics of magic, quick tricks and some colour changes) and also a number of other essential sleights such as card controls, the famous Elmsley count and some other things along the way.

    Card College series of books by Roberto Giobbi. Comprehensive text on just about every basic technique in card magic.

    Expert at the Card Table is a VERY difficult text - I think its a bit like Lord of the Rings...not necessarily that great but you look really good if you think it's good!

    The Greg Wilson DVD is a great starting point...I would know, because that's where I started!
  3. Well, first of all...Welcome to Theory11!

    If you are thinking about learning card magic may I recommend both Crash Course 1 & 2 from Ellusionist.com. I have both of them, and I'll be honest...I do not regret buying them.

    The going will normally go slow at first. It will take some time before you start getting smoother with your sleights. Just take your time and don't rush it. You are only going to cheat yourself if you try to go too fast.

    I hope this helps!

    Shane K.
  4. Thanks shodan and krash for such quick replies.Advice on board and will take my time.
  5. You are very welcome! Shoot anyone of us PM if you have any problems!

    Shane K.
  6. Will do,and thanks again.
  7. welcome!

    i would try royal road to card magic
    really comprehensive
  8. Thanks Cardangel.Will put it on the list.
  9. If you learn easily from DVDs, I would recommend Ellusionist's Crash Course 1. It teaches you a lot of the basics of card magic and then great, easy tricks that you can do with those moves you learned (and they're good tricks too. After 1 year of magic, I still use the tricks taught here almost every time I perform). And Brad Christian (the guy who teaches you in the video) is a great teacher - he is very easy to understand and he goes over things multiple times and he does not rush the explanations like some other DVDs do - he goes at a speed that is perfect for beginners.

    It is what got me into card magic and I highly recommend it.

    Hope that helped!

  10. the easy to master card series by Michael Ammar is how i started. Crash Course 1 is really great too.
  11. I agree with the posts above. I would also recommend getting some packet tricks from a local magic shop. Some people disagree with this, but honestly I learned several sleights from the packet tricks, they are usually simple and people usually enjoy seeing them. They are also very portable. Other than that, crash one is very good, and the books mentioned above are very good.
  12. Thanks for the replies.Great advice and loads of help.Now its practice,practice,practice
  13. I still don't agree with Ellusionist DVDs being helpful for beginners. Don't know, maybe I am biased. To each his own.

    Watch the "for beginners" clip on Theory 11, follow their advice. The Bucks said something about going to your library for books.

    - harapan. magic!
  14. You should check out this video, http://www.theory11.com/beginners.php, as it's filled with great advice. An advice that is given is to go to the library, and just pick up and read as many books on magic as you can find -- instead of paying a great sum of money on simple DVD training that can be found in magic books.

  15. JTM,
    Thanks for that.Watched the beginners clip,loads of great advice.Feel ready to get stuck in.
  16. For a serious study of card magic there is no other way then reading and working with Giobbi's "Card College". Start with volume one and you will know more about card magic then many other "experts".

  17. Thanks Gin for the advice(and to all).Card college is a bit pricey but will put it on the wish list.
  18. one thing i would like to add is that if you are going to do card magic the best thing i found is that when you are sitting around at the house or if you rideing in a car( not driving) to had a pack of cards in your hand just sit around and play with the card. what your doing is getting use to have a pack of card in your hand and after awhile its like they are a part of you and you do not even have to think about the next move you are going to do your body just know what to do. so just keep doind the trick over and over and over just sitting in front of the TV. see if that help
  19. The first books I bought were Mark Wilson's Complete Guide to Magic, and 72 Selfworking Cards Tricks by Carl Fulves.
  20. i would recommend buying some stuff from penguin magic, cheap stuff but qwuality products. Some stuff by luke Jermay and oz pearlman. anyway welcome and hope you enjoy it here at the theory

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