acaan effects?

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  1. I need to get some acaan effects.
    Wich one should i get and why?
  2. I can show you a simple, as far as I knoe unpublished, variation that I like to use. Extremely easy to do, hard to perfect.
  3. As many as you can find. That way you can learn the effect inside and out and devise the best method for you.
  4. There are heaps and heaps of methods for this, I'd recommend Mystery Mark's Automated ACAAN, which is self working selected card and number in the spectators hands. The reason I mention this in particular as it is particularly good, and only available by pre-order and soon will be sold out. If you want a good ACAAN get it now, but don't forget, there are countless more around.
  5. I recommend Jean Pierre Vallarino 's only Think 2.
  6. I would recommend a book it's quite expensive but with a dvd you get one effect sometimes 3 but in a book you get 100's of effects, my absolute FAVORITE acaan is in Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz with the deck in stack order all it requires of you is basic math, a peek an invisible pass and your done. It's amazing I highly recommend
  7. You should check out an effect called Eureka by Roberto Mansilla. Very strong, because the spectators participates in the effect a lot, and that makes the miracle even bigger if you ask me. I use it a lot, and it get awesome reactions.

    But there are a lot of great variations of that plot. Dani Daortiz also has a pretty great ACAAN effect, and also Rus Andrews has a great effect called Numbers. Numbers is a good effect, because the spectator gets the predicted card to keep in their pocket during the whole routine.
  8. Here is an Acaan idea I created not too long ago. The video is a little long, but if your interested in an easy, unique and original Acaan this may be of some use for you - thanks in advance for watching...

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